Is this Love again? – Episode 8

Is this Love again? - Episode 8
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The previous episode of this story is here, Is this Love again? – Episode 7.

I started to wait for the dawn..

Every second seemed to be an hour for me. A lot of queries were running on my mind.. There must be some other clue hidden.

“Join our group wearing this at 9 AM tomorrow – J” I am reading this chit for the hundredth time. As it was not safe to have the chit with me I tore that into pieces and dropped it in the alcohol perfumed mud pot.

The fat person was still in sleep mode.. The drug which the other man gave him was in his shirt pocket. What if I take the drug and inject him ??? It seemed to be a good idea.. If I have to join their group I must leave this room..

I started to crawl slowly towards him..

But to my bad luck one of the papers lying near me gave a crunchy sound. I recognized some movement in the fat man. Damn!! I have waked him.. Hastily I went back to the same mat and took the same position back.

“These #$$%%#% Rats!!! “ He murmured and looked around.. Then again he resumed his terrifying snore.

No.. I can’t take risk in numbing him.. If caught then I would be the victim. I waited for few minutes to confirm that he is sleeping.

There must be some other clue?? Red t-shirt and red mask..

Come on Pooja .. think..

Red ?? Valentine’s day?? Oh shut up Pooja.. this is not February…

Red symbolizes danger , murder ,emergency ,love ,crime ,blood.. Oh no !!! there must be some link between red and that group… What could it possibly be ??

Red .. Red… Red Cross Society ???

Something flickered in my mind..

If that rescue group could come here without any security problems they must be a social or humanitarian organization..

YES !!! That group must be a social organization team. And they may visit this place to educate the people over here regarding the diseases which may spread or even to give those women a better job.. I have seen in movies .. And using that opportunity am gonna escape !!! great !!!

But I have go out from this room.. whenever I did started to move the man woke up.. Damn!! This man has high affinity towards sound.. Facing failure in every move against him, I laid quietly there waiting for Javeed.

The sun’s scorching rays were falling straight on my face.. I did wanted to move a little.. But a slight move would make that man to sedate me again.. So I did lie there motionless baring the irritation caused by the rays.


The man came near me and waved his hands before me.. He did checked my pulse but I dared not to move.

After few minutes the man locked the door and left out.. I sensed his strong footsteps fading away .. This is the right time.. I got up quickly and wore that red t-shirt and red mask..

I moved to the door but it was locked. How can I get out from here.. ?

The window !!!

I tore the dirty mosquito net.. There were 4 corroded iron grills arranged in an horizontal fashion.. If I could remove 2 grills I could possibly crack out this room… but how ??

I glanced around the room once more.. there was nothing useful enough to remove the iron grill…

“Searching for tool to escape?? “ I heard a male’s voice..

“Oh god !! Am caught !!” when I turned I saw a girl and a man in red t-shirt and mask..


“shhhhh..dont talk”

He did loosened some screws present and carefully removed the whole window.

“Come out fast!!!”

After I came out he placed the window back in the same position..

“Let’s move..” It was the girl who rushed us in an anxious voice.

We did hurried downstairs.. It was a very old building.. And the footsteps were even more dirtier than the room.. there were many small rooms . some had doors ,but most of the rooms were covered with dithering curtains. When we went to the ground floor a man stopped us..

“I said right.. no girls will ever come down to listen your bore speech.. Go and do your social service in some other place “ He gave us a sarcastic look..

“It would be a short speech sir.. Then we will circulate our pamphlets and leave.. Please” It was Javeed who was begging to him..

“finish fast and vacate this place” then the man was gone..

Javeed handed me some pamphlets..

“have this Pooja.. Just circulate this whenever you see a girl and smile at them.. And be with me k? ”

It was a short lane and there were many old buildings tightly packed.. Though it was not crowded at that time I noticed some volunteers in red t-shirts having hoardings and some with pamphlets and one of them was standing on a table and was offering speech about venereal diseases.. Some girls were peeping from the windows and was listening.

Please god!! Let him finish the speech soon.. There was a rush of adrenaline inside me.. I was in height of hallucination and felt as though everyone is noticing only me. It was kind of social phobia inside me.

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When the speech was over everyone applauded him…

“come with me “ It was a girl who pulled my hand…

We went inside a van. She opened an empty cardboard box..

‘Get inside.. don’t worry…Its ventilated “ after I got in she placed a huge rack of newspapers on me and closed the box.. Though it was suffocating inside I found some holes which made the thin air to glide in..

All the other volunteers got into the van.. Someone was counting the people when they entered the van.. So the people are being numbered before they let them inside..

“19 totally.. you may go!!”a rough male voice commanded and the van moved…

Inside the van I was able to clearly hear their talk..

“Miserable !! Most of the girls over here are less than 20 years. “ It was a soft male voice.

“Ya Madhav.. Most of them are uneducated and they had been sold here at a very young age” It was a feminine voice.

“Most of them don’t even know how much they earn”

“We must do something to stop this “

“did you guys noticed?? Many were afraid to come down to listen our speech.. They are watched severely by the rowdies”

“Can’t we complain to the police??”

“that’s impossible. They have a large circle. If they knew it was we who complained they will kill us” It was Javeed now.

“k Guys.. Thanks for making this camp a great success. You can all get down here. Me and Heema will leave the vehicle to the owner and go to our place.” And the van stopped.

I heard people getting down the van. The Van started to move again. Someone was opening the box and removed all the newspapers on me..

“come out Pooja”

I finally felt over whelmed by the fresh air.

“Heema you go with the driver.. I will take Pooja and leave her in a safe place”

“Ya k Javeed”

Me and Javeed got down the Van. I was still wearing that mask.

“You can remove the mask pooja”

“thanks Javeed.. You have saved my life. If you hadn’t been there.. “ I was sobbing.

“that’s k .You should thank our leader. He informed us about you.. See you have to leave this place immediately. They would had started searching the missing girls.”

“Missing girls… You mean???”

“Ya totally we have rescued 10 girls today.. you come from Tamilnadu right?? A truck carrying automobile parts is leaving in an hour to chennai. The owner is my uncle. I will introduce you as my friend who has lost her bus.. You go with him.. It will be safe.. “


“thanks Javeed.. And…”


“can I make a call to my family.. they will be worried”

“ya sure.. and he handed me his mobile.

First I dialed my mother’s phone.. It was switched off..

Then I tried goutham’s number… He did picked up in first ring..

“Goutham.. Its pooja here…”

“Pooja…” He was speechless for few second..

“Goutham am fine..”

“Hey where are you??? “ I felt he was in haste to know where am I..

“In Mumbai .. But am safe now.. Don’t panic.. I will be in Chennai in 2 days.. A gentleman has saved me”

“where are you in Mumbai??” goutham was shouting..

“goutham am fine.. you…”

“Just say where are you now.. the exact place.. am in Mumbai only…”

So Goutham has came till Mumbai to rescue me.. I felt thousands of butterflies flying inside me..

“excuse me.. Which place is this??” I asked Javeed..

“Zaveri Bazaar “

“Its Zaveri Bazaar Goutham.. But how come..”

“ I will be there in 5 mins.. “ and the call was cut..

“boy friend ah???” Javeed was smiling at me..

“Ya he is very sweet.. He has somehow found that I had been kidnapped to Mumbai.. and he will be here in 5 minutes”

“Is he a police??”

“No a doctor.. Our marriage is gonna happen in a month..”

“Wow.. congraulations.. So you don’t need my uncle’s truck.. Your fiancée will take care of your safety”

“hmmm” I grinned at him.

I was waiting eagerly for Goutham’s arrival.. I was watching anxiously both sides of the street.. After few minutes I saw Goutham at one end of the street searching nervously.

“hey javeed.. See that’s goutham… “

I really wanna run towards him and hug his arms. But it was public place..

But javeed was staring at him…

“don’t say you are pointing to the man in blue shirt…”

“Ya he is Goutham”

“Get into the auto.. Bhai saap.. Move fast…”

“But Javeed..Gou..”

“shut up…”

Javeed pulled me inside… and the auto started to move ..

“are you mad ??? He is Suraj.. The gang leader who Kidnaps girls.. And not Goutham..”


Is goutham a Gang leader..???

To be Continued…

The next episode of this story is here, Is this Love again? – Episode 9.

Is this Love again? - Episode 8
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