Is this Love again? – Episode 9

Is this Love again? - Episode 9
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The previous episode of this story is here, Is this Love again? – Episode 8.


I couldn’t believe my ears. Goutham is the leader for the gang which kidnaps girls???

“Javeed but Goutham can’t do such a job.. He is a doctor.. you have mistaken I guess.. Ask him to stop the auto.. Goutham will be searching me”

“Go fast bhaai…” Javeed was looking tensed.

“Javeeed.. stop..”

“Hey Pooja..You have to believe me.. He may be a doctor. It doesn’t mean he couldn’t do this filthy job. He is the most wanted criminal in Mumbai. Hey did he noticed you??”

“No.. I guess yeah.. yeah he saw me.. And he was hurrying towards me.”

“Oh my god!! We are in such a danger.. Bhaai please go fast”

And javeed peeped out the auto and was looking back..

“S**t!!! He is following us !!! bhaai.. have this money and ride as fast as possible..” and Javeed handed a bunch of currency notes to the driver..

I too looked back.. Normally whenever chasing scene happens in movies a TATA Sumo would be used by the rowdies.. But this time a Innova Car was following us.

“Are you sure he is Suraj???” Still I wished Whatever happening is not true .

“what the F…Just a minute..” Javeed took out his mobile and browsed something…

“See this” he show me a flickering display of his mobile.

“Mumbai Police arrested the Kidnapper!! 10 girls Rescued !!”

And there was a photograph down.It was Goutham in the photo who was caught red handed while kidnapping girls and some girls with their faces covered with clothes and some police men smiling.

It is Goutham !!! And I have Loved a Kidnapper.. And what about my father??? I was frozen for few minutes. How stupid I am?? Even after escaping I have called the kidnapper back to take me home.. what can I do now….

The auto was gliding in the heavy traffic of Mumbai… And there was a traffic jam few yards before…
“S**t!!!” javeed was screaming….

“Look Pooja.. There is traffic jam.. we will be caught for sure. Have this pistol.. and use this if it is really an emergency.. I can’t be here now.. If my guess is right Suraj will be the first to come near the auto.. Act to him as if you don’t know any truth about him.. Bring him to borivali national park.. You can do.. And make sure he doesn’t makes any calls in between.. Tell him that the man who has rescued you , will be there along with all other girls .. He will come for sure.. and don’t worry I will be watching you.“ and javeed jumped out of the auto and mingled in the heavy traffic.

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It was a 9mm hand gun and it was quite heavy to lift.. I hided the gun in my pant pocket and was praying .”Please God Save me : If I have to save myself I have to be patient. What if someone else come and drag me along with them??? Oh no… Goutham should come first… The Traffic was getting lighter and I sensed some vehicles moving further forward.

“Move fast… “ I patted the auto driver…

And when the driver was about to move the car someone caught the side bar of the auto. It was Goutham who was standing there and was looking at me very angrily.

“Get down Poo…”

“Goutham !!! Hey… Please get in… I missed you.. Get in soon” and I pulled goutham inside…

“Bhaai saap.. move fast.. Go to Borivali National Park soon” and I was holding Goutham’s hands very tightly…

“Pooja .. wat ..”

“I missed you goutham.. I really missed you.. thank God u r here… Hey look back… those rowdies are chasing me.. Please be with me…” I hugged his shoulder and was weeping..

“Oh k k.. don’t worry I will be with you.. Hey stop the auto now”

“Oh no goutham.. Don’t stop now… I have to be in Borivali park now…”

“For wat???”

“You know what they have rescued some 10 girls today along with me.. They all will be waiting there.. If we go there we can escape safely from Mumbai.. Please come with me.. I love you” and when I uttered the last 3 words my heart pained a lot…

“so all are waiting there.. k.” he was smiling cruelly.

“I love you too Pooja.. but at which place exactly they are waiting??? It’s a huge national park…”

“even I don’t know… He said if I go there he will come and take me to the desired place..“

“Oh k… Move fast to Borivali..”

Goutham took his cell phone out and before he could dial a number I snatched his cell from him…

“I will inform my mom.. she will be more happy if I talk “ and I dialed my mom’s number.. It was switched off..

“It is switched off Goutham.. Let me try again..” and I tried five times.

Goutham was peeping out the auto and was looking back often… They were still following us… I have to take goutham alone to the park.. But how???

Javeed is out.. He might have some idea for me…


Javeed was in a call…

“I have given pistol to pooja… Suraj is with her in auto.. They are moving towards the Borivali park..”
“Is he alone???”

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“No .. He is being followed by his men in Innova..”

“k.. I will be there in Borivali park too come there.. Don’t worry about the idiots in Innova..we can crack them soon”

“ya k sir…” and the call was cut…


I was still trying in phone for my mother….

“I have to make a call.,.. Give me the mobile “ Goutham dragged the mobile from me..

“make sure he doesn’t makes any calls in between” javeed’s voice was echoing inside me..

“Please goutham.. shall I try once??? Please..” I was pleading to him as if a child is pleading to her mom for an icecream…

I know Goutham was trying to act smart to me.. If he has to find the rescue team he need my help now….

Goutham smiled at me..

“anything for you darling… “ and he gave the cell to me.. He did turned back and checked whether they are still following us…

“Are they still behind us Goutham???” I gave him a frightened look..

“Ya baby… don’t worry.. Am with you “

Hell !!! they are behind us.. What is Javeed doing out ????

Now I tried Javeed’s number.. He picked up in the first ring…

“Hello mom.. this is pooja here.. How are you?? How’s dad…?” I was sobbing in phone..

Gautham turned towards me and was listening my talk…

“Hey Pooja.. Is everything k.. Is he coming with you to Borivali??”

“Am fine mom.. Ya goutham is with me.. He has saved me mom.. But some rowdies are following us in car.. Am scared.. Please pray for us” I was really weeping this time..

“Hey don’t worry about them.. soon they will lose the track of you.. we have made arrangements.. Did he made any calls to them???”

“I was trying you for the past 15 minutes mom.. Why was your phone switched off???

“Oh k.. you will reach there in half an hour.. Drop the phone somewhere.. Make sure he doesn’t makes any call.. bye”

“I will come home soon mom..goutham is with me.. Take care of dad…Love u all” and the call was cut.

“Now am feeling happy Goutham .. Let me check whether they are following us..” I did peeped out.. “Goutttaaaaaammm .. they are still behind us.. Oh my god!!!” and I dropped the phone down ..

“Am with you.. don’t panic… where is the phone???”

“phone??? Oh S**t!!! Guess I have dropped somewhere.. am sorry.. I was bit tensed..”

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“what the F… leave it… “

When he turned back the Innnova was missing.. Gautham was restless..

“Hey Gautham.. they are not behind us.. Hurreh!! We are finally safe..” I was smiling at him…

“Stop the auto.,.. I have to make a call…”

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“No bhaai saap.. speed up to boreli.. are you mad goutham??? If you make call now they will catch us.. Let’s reach boreli first and then you make calls.. Or else you get down n do all your calls.. I will go to Boreli” this time I was very harsh in my tone.. Goutham was silent for a while and then he smiled…
“Ya k honey .. we will reach there first..” he gave a mordant smile ..
We reached Boreli National Park in half an hour… Goutham gave the fare for the auto.. there was a telephone booth nearby..

“Come Pooja.. I have to make a call” This time I can’t deny him…

He went inside the booth and was talking to someone… If that gang is somewhere near they would reach here anytime… I searched around.. Javeed was missing.. I have to do something before that criminal gang comes here…
Gun!! I have a gun!! What if I shoot him and escape.. the place very crowded… If caught I will be in jail.. I have to do something now…

Suddenly I heard gunshot .. The booth mirrors were shattered into pieces and Goutham felled unconscious…
“come lets move… “Javeed pulled my hand…

“But Goutham…”

“Pooja.. wake up….” I was surrounded by a crowd…

A doctor was smiling at me… My mom was weeping nearby.. Harini was waving air for me… Tamil was standing nearby tensed.. the beauticians were whispering something…

“there nothing to worry.. she is ok now.. Some girls get tensed on the day of their marriage.. Let her rest for 5 minutes.. Then you can start the bridal makeup”

“Oh Pooja dear…” My mom was hugging me now…

“what’s the time now mom???”

“don’t worry.. there is more than a hour is for the marriage.. You can get ready…”

Had I been unconscious for an hour???

I did remembered Raghav’s voice “Run away in 2 hours” .. now only an hour left…

Why has Goutham came here and where is he now ???

Is this marriage gonna happen???

To be Continued……..

The next episode of this story is here, Is this Love again? – Episode 10.

Is this Love again? - Episode 9
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