Is Walking Enough Exercise?
Is Walking Enough Exercise?

Is Walking Enough Exercise?

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We all want to be healthy. Some people go for a walk every day, but is that enough exercise? Read on to learn more about how much exercise you need and what type of exercise you should do based on your fitness level.

Is Walking Enough Exercise?
Is Walking Enough Exercise?

Walking is a natural form of exercise that you can do daily. It’s very good for your health, and many people have been successful at losing weight by walking more often or increasing their distance on a walk each day.

Walking does not make the heart race, but it works out other muscles in the body such as arms, abs, and legs. It’s a light workout and can be done every day.

You should always check with your doctor before starting an exercise program to make sure you don’t have any health issues that could prevent you from exercising or walking daily.

The more active you are, the better for you!

Benefits of Walking:

Low-Impact: Walking for exercise is considered a low-impact activity. This means that there is little risk of injury to the skeletal system and other parts of the body when you do this type of physical activity. Even people with arthritis can find relief from pain by adding walking into their daily routine and stretching exercises and weight training if prescribed by their doctor.

Decreased Risk of Diabetes: One study found that people who walked at least two hours per week had a lower risk for diabetes than those who did not walk regularly.

Weight Loss Benefits: You can shed pounds without watching your calories or cutting back on what you eat when you add walking to your routine. This is because the body uses more calories than usual when you walk, and it promotes weight loss.

Impact of Walking Daily:

If you’re looking for ways to burn more calories, try walking instead of running. This is because the impact on your joints and muscles when doing this type of aerobic exercise is less than that associated with jogging or other high-impact activities like jumping rope.

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Difference Between Speed Walking & Walking:

Speed walking is a type of aerobic exercise that involves doing long strides and moving your arms simultaneously while taking quick steps. It is ideal for people who are already in good physical shape.

Walking can be done at any pace, so it’s a great activity to build up your endurance and take the intensity level of exercise down a notch if you have joint pain or other medical conditions that would limit what activities you could do.


Is walking enough exercise if it doesn’t make your heart race?

Yes, you can lose weight and get in shape with this type of aerobic activity. You just need to do at least 30 minutes a day on most days of the week to see results. However, walking should be fun, so pick an enjoyable route or find friends to walk with you.



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