Is your leaves turning yellow? Houseplant Ideas!

House Plants
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House Plants

Do you have a love towards plants and are looking forward to having an evergreen garden? Have already one set up at your place but is worried about the yellow leaves of some plants? This is not only distressing to a green lover but also for the plant. Gardening is an art and a stress buster too. An hour spent amongst the greenery can be as refreshing as sleeping for eight hours. The causes are many. It may be due to less water, more water, pest issue or sometimes an unknown cause also. Here is a stepwise guide to check the root cause of why the leaves are turning yellow.

  1. Wetness: It is important to do a moisture check. Every plant needs its own level of wetness. Not too much and not too less based on the nature of the plant. So research a bit about how much water the particular plant needs and feed water accordingly.
  2. Pests: If watering is normal and up to the mark, then the next doubt should be on pests. If there are bugs affecting your plant then you might find some tiny holes on the leaves along with yellowing leaves. To get rid of the mites, you may wash off the leaves thoroughly and spray some neem oil. Insecticides are regular practices but if you believe in natural farming, then neem oil is the best practice.
  3. Sunlight: Photosynthesis, as we have all read in school is that for which sunlight is a must. Every plant needs sufficient sunlight and if the plant is starved of it then the leaves are surely going to lose the green color. Make sure you give a sunbath to the plants now!
  4. Malnutrition: Unlike us, plants may also lack nutrition. We may assume that plants are getting all the required nutrients but yellow leaves can be a sign of reduced nutrients too. If the new leaves are light green and older ones are turning yellow, this could be a sign of nitrogen deficiency. Check for foods that contain nitrogen and make sure you read the instructions and feed the plant accordingly.
  5. Protect from cold: Certain plants are tropical and cannot tolerate too much cold. If your plant is an indoor one and is always prone to an air conditioner, the leaves may turn yellow. Even if you keep some plants near an open window which welcomes a lot of breezes, then the leaves are sure to turn yellow. For instance, a palm tree if kept indoors can surely lose the green color.
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Every plant is unique and hence need proper care. If the leaves turn yellow it can be a sign of weakness like us getting ill. It needs some restorative methods which are easy to perform and get back to lush green gardens. Withering leaves also help get rid of yellow leaves and get fresh green leaves. Also, avoid any unwanted trespassing in your gardens by coated chain link fence which can be got from any chain link fencing supplies in the market.

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