ISO Container Inspection Checklist – Basic Requirements

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ISO tank containers are going to shrink the world soon! Yes, it is no exaggeration to say that the tank container has revolutionized the world to freight transport. From its humble origins to till now ISO tank container industry is growing nearly twice the rate of the world economy. Since its growing, tank containers are used to transport a wide range of cargoes including gases, liquid, powders, hazardous & non-hazardous load, and food-grade products.

Any of the leading ISO tank container manufacturers in India undergoes inspection according to the nature of its contents before the delivery of their cargo products. As such here us a checklist for the ISO container inspection which should do every month to access the safety and quality of your shipping containers.

Exterior Check

Check the Doors& Roadside of Container

Now we come to the actual checks in the ISO container inspection checklist. First up is the exterior of the container, and so you need to start by checking the doors for any defects, be they minor or major.

Work through the sub-checklist below to inspect all elements of the door, and fill in the form fields to indicate minor or major defects and damage.

  • CSC plate
  • Stencils
  • ISO numbers
  • Corner posts
  • Corner fittings
  • Door header
  • Door Sill
  • Door fittings
  • Door lining
  • Door gaskets

Examine the front

Examine the front of the container next – the opposite side to the doors. The same method applies, and will continue to do so for the rest of this checklist; follow the sub-checklist and make notes in the form fields.

  • ISO number
  • Corner fittings
  • Corner posts
  • Top end rail
  • Bottom end rail
  • Panel
  • Placard holder

Survey the Roof & Bottom of the Container

Now it’s time to survey the roof of the container to look for anything that could pose a problem when using it.

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Again, follow the sub-checklist below to make sure that you don’t forget to check a vital element. And note any findings approach the top-most ISO tank container exporters in India and find out the best solution.

  • ISO numbers
  • Corner fittings
  • Top end rail
  • Door header
  • Topside rails
  • Roof panel
  • Forklift tunnels

Interior Checks

Check The Container’s Floor

Moving on to the interior section of the ISO container inspection checklist, you first need to examine the floor for defects.

Make sure that the floor of the container is not facing down when you do this since the easiest way to check for holes is to look for areas where light is leaking through.

Work through the sub-checklist and form fields below as you examine it. Only once you’ve finished this stage of the inspection should you exit the container and turn it right-side-up once more.

  • Flooring
  • Floor fasteners
  • Threshold plate
  • Tie-down devices
  • Light Leaks

Inspect the roof

Next, you need to examine the roof of the interior for damage and defects. As with all previous tasks, use the sub-checklist and form fields below to make sure that you perform an effective inspection.

  • Roof panel
  • Roof Bows
  • Light Leaks

Examine The Roads

Only a few more steps to go! Now you need to examine the interior of the roadside of the container. Remember, this is the left side of the container as you look through the doors. As usual, work through the sub-checklist and form fields to achieve a thorough inspection.

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  • Plywood lining
  • Kick rail
  • Vertical plate
  • Horizontal rail
  • Light Leak
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