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It Ends where it began | Teaser Trailer ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ | The Final Showdown: Alice & Co. vs. Umbrella Corporation


Resident Evil 6 The Final Chapter Milla Jovovich Ali Larter Ruby Rose Stills

Alice and the remaining humans will return to Raccoon City to settle scores with Umbrella Corporation once for all. The sixth and final part of the Resident Evil series, “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” will see Alice and his friends returning to the birthplace of all the nightmares to confront their nemesis for one last time in a do or die battle. Sequel to the previous installment Retribution (2012), The Final Chapter too has the Paul W.S. Anderson calling the shots.

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Based on the video game series of the same name, The Final Chapter has Milla Jovovich playing Alice along with Ali Larter as Clarice Redfield, Shawn Roberts as Albert Wesker and Iain Glen as Dr. Alexander Isaacs in key roles. The movie principal photography ended on December 9, 2015 with the crew enduring a few unexpected disasters that resulted in the death of their crew member Ricardo Cornelius and fatal injuries for Jovovich’s double Olivia Jackson that included cerebral trauma, amputated arm, shattered shoulders and broken ribs.

Distributed by Sony Pictures, the movie is set for release on 27 January, 2017.

COURTESY – Videos : Sony Pictures Entertainment | Images : Studio4tv, Starmometer

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