Jagmohan Dalmiya

Jagmohan Dalmiya and the Cricketing World

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Jagmohan Dalmiya

With his demise on 20 September 2015, the world lost a man whose administrative abilities were instrumental in not only making BCCI the richest and influential cricketing body but also in altering the face of cricketing world.

Below is a brief timeline of his association and contribution to the cricketing world.

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  • Joined BCCI in 1979.
  • Became the Treasurer of BCCI in 1983 (when India won the world cup).
  • During 1984, Dalmiya along with NKP Salve and IS Bindra played a vital role in hosting the 1987 world cup in Indian sub-continent. Though this was met with strong opposition from ECB, ICC accepted the proposal with major associate nations backing BCCI’s proposal. This ultimately created the rotational system which paved the way for the World cup to be hosted in various countries in future.
  • Dalmiya played a crucial role in drafting South Africa’s re-entry to ICC in 1991.
  • After India’s economic liberalization in 1991, Dalmiya was instrumental in gaining private sponsors for the team and was the first to sell the telecast rights during the 1996 World cup generating huge revenues.
  • During the 1996 World cup when Australia and West Indies cited security concerns to play in Sri Lanka, Dalmiya immediately organized and sent a team compromising both Indian and Pakistan players to SriLanka to play friendly matches.
  • Bangladesh was allowed to host the 1998 Mini World Cup and awarded test status in 2000 during his tenure as President of ICC (1997-2000). The ICC’s finances stood which at 16000 pounds was raised to a staggering 16 million pounds during his tenure.
  • During his first tenure as BCCI president, Dalmiya played a crucial role in handling the match fixing scandals that rocked the nation during 2000.
  • In 2005, Dalmiya was awarded the International Journal of the History of Sports Achievement award for administrative excellence in global sport. During the same year, he was expelled from BCCI for misappropriation of funds. In 2007 he challenged the board’s decision in both Bombay High Court and Supreme Court which he ultimately won.
  • Became the president of Cricket Association of Bengal in 2010 after being acquitted of all charges.
  • In 2013, became the interim president of BCCI during the 2013 IPL spot fixing allegations. Returned as BCCI president on May 2 2015.
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