Jaguar partners with Tile to retrieve Car Keys and Wallets

Jaguar collaborates with Tile to prevent loss of Car Keys, Wallets [Tech]

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Automobile maker Jaguar Land Rover Ltd. will be partnering with Silicon Valley startup Tile Inc. that would retrieve Car keys, wallet and user essentials. Tile makes small waterproof tags which uses Bluetooth low energy radio and GPS technology to locate objects.

All you need is to affix the tag to your keys, wallet and other essential objects.  While losing track of an object the app checks whether the objects is within the range if 100-feet, when found it sends out a beep signals helping users identify the object.

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Jaguar partners with Tile to retrieve Car Keys and Wallets

The Tile app will feature on “InControl Apps” menu on the 2017 Land Rover Discovery Sports, a premium compact SUV. With limited apps featured in the Automaker’s menu, Tile will hold an integral position in the app menu.

The initial release will have users manually activate the app to locate objects. With the next phase, the app will automatically activate upon plugging your phone to the built-in control system.


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