J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter Fame Writer Shares Her Life Lessons

J.K. Rowling - Harry Potter Fame Writer Shares Her Life Lessons 1
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JK Rowling, the British novelist who is not short of fame due to her famous novel Harry Potter. We all would definitely say yes without any second thought, if someone asks us “Have you heard about Harry Potter”. The ace writer she her life tips and tricks which would help the writers community for keep out the common mistakes she did when she started. These writing tips would definitely helps writers and the common man to spice up his life story. Get along the article and follow her tips and tricks and hopefully become a famous writer soon.

The idea of Harry Potter born on a train:

Rowling have got the idea of Harry Potter on a delayed train, where she was writing down the idea on a napkin and later develops it further to produce the book. She was on her way to London King’s Cross from Manchester where she had to endure a common setback of boarding a delayed train. She was not aware at that time, it is one of her most memorable day in life at that point in time. This happened in the year 1990, the birth of Harry Potter idea.

Creative author innovate ideas and blossoms:

Her reactions on getting the awe-struck idea of the novel on a train is a blessing in disguise. She was indeed flying to the moon with no known person around to share the sudden hype she is into. Later, she calmly notes down the idea on the napkin with the important points of the story. Once after reaching her home, she began developing that into the book. Eventually the Harry Potter series were born and a feature film also came out depicting the incidents in the book.

She didn’t jump the stairs rather kissed them being humble and got to heights:

She says, “When we look back at the incidents and one thing is for certain, that I believed in myself that I could make it big for sure”. Success is not just the success itself, where I would say “Success is the perfection of omitting mistakes by learning to avoid them by our mistakes”. Needless to mention her book was initially rejected 12 famous authors before she finally got them published.

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JK Rowling on Twitter:

The ace British novel set standards of how a children’s novel to be like. You would have already come across the flying motorbikes, moving stairs, video type image posters and lots more creative things. Now she is setting standards about how famous people can reach their audience and pay back with gratitude. She choose Twitter, the popular social networking platform where she is with 10 Million followers virtually connecting with writers as well as her fans base with elegance. What makes this possible is the digital marketing technology paves way for us to connect with families, friends and followers wherever they are present.

Tip #1: When you started something, finish it off no matter what other says.
She mentioned that there were less people around to really advice her on correcting mistakes on her work. She had to spend hours and hours on writing by not procrastinating her work.

Tip #2: Do it to push yourself but just not to show off in front of others.
Never mind you have the audience to look after your work and appreciate. Any piece of work you do, do it with your passion. When you do it with passion then make sure that even there is no audience present to your work, worry not but just complete your work. This will boost the self improvement morale as you will be learning things in no other way.

Tip #3: Be disciplined
When you set a target to achieve by writing x number of articles or x number of pages of your own novel. Make sure you are disciplined enough to finish that piece of work no matter what obstacles occur to stop you. Be disciplined and consistent to get the work done which will eventually scale up your creative work and bring pride to yourself.

Tip #4: “One Day” or “Day One” – You Choose.

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Instead being present in the thinker zone all the time, make sure you are doing rather just trying to do it. Actions > Work, always people believe what they see not just by hearing things. So stop your thought process of “One Day” to “Day One” and achieve to a new high level.

Tip #5: If you succeed at the first attempt, it is likely that you are not improvising
Basically we win on the first attempt not by competing with other but just with ourselves only. JK Rowling conveys that “May be your 3rd, 4th,..50th song/novel/painting will be one that ‘makes it’. When you attempt something and fail, immediately concentrate on things that gone right and analyze the things that went wrong and work on that part to improvise it. Similarly first draft of our writing is not final, it is just the indication you are a man of words as you are doing your work rather just talking about it.

So sit back not, and start your work and keep writing your long list of drafts and pretty soon you will be provided with an error-free content. It it all about the repetition to work on specific things and concentrating on them to the max. Bruce less quote says, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” Good luck and best wishes to reach greater heights.

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Even the Harry Potter series book and the movie came to the limelight long ago, it is still relevant and helps us to stay creative and happy. We recommend every one of you to read Harry Potter book series which without any doubt provides broader exposure to the world and expands our way of thinking and living.

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