Job Hunting Tips for New Grads – Here is a Savvy Way to Get Your First Job!


An important thing to do after graduation is finding the right job. Finding a job in the domain that you have graduated on is critical. So here are some ways with which you can easily land on your first job.

First and foremost, search job by looking at the job titles that looks most fitting to their career goals. Rather than apply to any and every opening you see, it’s best to narrow down your search and only apply to the positions that relevant most fitting to your skill sets and career goals. Make the right preparation for your interview, research well about the organization you are interviewing with, learn about their work, business model, products and services and also their history.

Keep all your necessary professional documents ready such as resume, cover letter etc. A resume is a document which is used by a person to present their background and skill details to the recruiters. So, preparing a good resume to attract the recruiters is important. There are many resume templates available in MS word and also on internet sites. Choose a template for a formal resume. Fill in the details about your education, experience, background details. Having some certification will highlight your profile, some of the training available is qtp training in Chennai, JMeter training in Chennai. Preparing resume is the first step to start searching for a job.

Companies give job advertisements in newspapers, social media, recruiting apps. So, keep updated with the information and apply for the jobs you like. Mostly all the organization has a dedicated careers page on their website to post information on the open job vacancy details. You can apply on their site. Also, if you know anyone working on that organization, then you can ask them to refer you, which is a plus point for your profile.

Nowadays, most job-seekers are using the Internet to look for a new job. Online job-hunting can save the expenses associated with pounding the pavement looking for a job and connect you to more employers in a shorter time. The Internet is a convenience to access thousands of job openings from your home, even from your smartphone through many available job portal applications. You can search for jobs in your geographic area or you can explore opportunities in the next city, across the country or on the other side of the world. There are many applications available which helps in finding the open jobs suitable for your profile. Some of the application are LinkedIn, Naukri, shine, monster, indeed, times jobs etc. The procedure to use these applications is that you have to log in with your account. After which you have to fill in the series of details like your Graduation, Career experience, contact details, profile picture, the area of interest, upload resume etc., Recruiters will be able to see your resume and contact you for details. You can also search for jobs in the applications and apply.

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