Job Position and Future of IT Market in Next 5 Years – Plan Your Goals

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Choosing the career field and find the appropriate domain is always been a hard decision for most fresh graduates. With the on-going competition, many graduates prefer to grab whatever the job you get irrespective of fields. The field of Information technology is ever-changing, graduates should develop skills to analyze the changes happening and learn skills to grab the available job position in the market. We all aware that, IT exists everywhere now, from computer development and technology to healthcare, finance, education and many more. There is high scope for a broad range of job roles at present to maximize your career path.  Here we discuss some of the job position, a fresher can prepare themselves to find it.

Big Data

The volume of data is getting bigger and bigger every day and there arises the fear of losing or missing it. Data mining, data analysis, data forecasting, and data optimization are some essential tasks to perform across a huge volume of data to find the relevant results. Globally, the demand for skilled big data professionals is rising high. This is the right time for young graduates and experienced professionals to consider Big Data Technology and begin or switch their career to it.

Software Engineer

With all the advancement in digital and networking technologies, the demand for software engineer will ever exist. They are the builders of the digital world.  This job typically requires skill in programming languages with analytical skills. These professionals design and develop software as a valuable asset for many organizations. Opportunities are high and the pay is much higher than other career paths, including computer careers.

Cloud Computing

This is a rapidly evolving technology at the moment. In India, this technology is welcomed by many big and small organizations, they hire a lot of skilled people as cloud computing engineer, administrator and support engineer. As Cloud Computing is a fast-growing technology and will hopefully bring opportunities for freshers.

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Project Manager

As global demand for project managers continues to grow. The fundamentals of managing a project from start to finish require a team of individuals with different talents and skills. These people are responsible for planning and executing the project objectives and that takes more than just labor and materials. Project Manager plays a crucial responsibility for overall project management. Apart from degree, there are various skills required to be a successful project manager.

The other important qualities required to be successful in information technology are good communication skills, analytical skills, problem-solving ability etc. It is possible now to get into an IT career as a graduate with any subject. However, you may find fewer employers who will accept your degree and more competition for positions. The less technical your degree the more competition you will face and the more impressive you will need to be as a candidate. There are several certified training courses like selenium courses in Chennai that helps you learn more professionally and maximize your career path in IT.

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