Karthik Naren’s Work Before #D16 – Dhuruvangal Pathinaru

Karthik Naren’s Work Before #D16 – Dhuruvangal Pathinaru
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Karthik Naren Thriller Movie Dhuruvangal Pathinaru
Karthik Naren Thriller Movie Dhuruvangal Pathinaru

Leading directors in Tamil Cinemas awe-struck by the way story of the movie has unfolded. A Psychological thriller script with a novel screenplay is what new to Tamil cinema probably to Indian cinema as well.

The young Debut director creates massive suspense, tension and a novel narrative for the audience with his film Dhuruvangal Pathinaru. You have no idea what style of film you are going to watch until you get into the story. Every tiny thing is fruitful as it becomes vital for the story towards the end.

The film fast-forwards to a certain point, where Deepak (Rahman) in conversation with a curious young man who wishes to serve Indian Police Service. It’s a cold evening. Raining heavily, thunders splash and a mystery man passing by. Our intuition tells he might be evil. Boom.

It goes on… A lot scarier only if watched in theatres.

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Prior to D16, a look at Karthik Naren work:

Karthik Naren rose to fame with the trending psychological thriller movie Dhuruvangal Pathinaru, before the film he has done a couple of short films which have also got great appreciations from an online audience. A team of youngsters played different roles in his multiple short films. Most of his short film starts with an Anonymous quote. That seems to be his trademark and its adding more value to this work.

Pradhi – A Karthik Naren short film:

To mention about one specific short film titled “Pradhi”, which is quite an interesting film where he seemed to have followed the same novel style storytelling. This is definitely a new standard in short filmmaking and the feature filmmaking which scored neat acclaims from the theatre audience. As like the feature film, the debut director Karthik delivers perfection on things that are happening naturally in the short film story. The conversations between two brothers, with the manager, the person who he is interviewing are very natural and witty at times.

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Scene projections in several places bringing the tense feel without fail. Camera work done very neatly and along with background screen confuses whether we are watching a short film or feature film. The protagonist with a health issue works in a media company. He was about to interview a high-profile officer as his nature of work is interviewing. Records the interview on his camera only for his reference and not to be telecasted anywhere.


Just in a flash of moments, one goes for refreshment the high profile officer found dead by a masked person. Policemen arrive to investigate the murder and the conversation between them is quite thrilling and creating a suspense in the audience mind who could be that evil person. The interviewer found the unexpected crime and fell to go unconscious. Police first investigation suspect the interview to be the killer and he might have set up the scene with his camera and stuff to escape. What happens next, who is the killer and what made them to do this and the way things get unfolded are again proving Karthik Naren is born a skilful director with this mettle of films in short time.

We hope and wish the director and his team to make a more scintillating script and take Tamil cinema to greater heights.

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