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Many marketing messages crawl us. They do not look like writing a human. They are not attached. They lack personality and feel a cold heart. It is not surprising at custom diary 2018. At school, we learned grammar rules We have learned how to write and spell, but we have not learned how to use language to connect with our readers. We did not learn how to engage in, persuade and motivate.

But readers want human touch:


Leave all to write: Imagine writing an email in the list of 10,000 people.

When you think of those 10,000 worthless customers, you probably feel like this: Thanks to those of you who have donated our donation appeal. You can still donate.

Now, let’s select your favorite customer. Imagine your biggest fan – he often responds to your email with praise, and sometimes with questions. Even if you have never met, he is a friend:

Have you already donated our donation appeal? Thanks a lot. If you have not donated yet, you can still donate.

Make it a two-way conversation:

While writing, we cannot see the person at the other end of the conversation. Therefore, we forget to include our readers and write only from our perspective. Grow your business with smart marketing. Sign up now to receive a weekly email with marketing tips. To see your own important sentences, see the sentences with “I” and “we”. Editing them to highlight the benefits for your readers. But you do not think you need to replace all the instances of “I” and “we”. You do not have to hide.

List and embed videos that you have to do with your niche:

For example, if you were a blogger, you could put a list of 20 active videos on how to become a more wonderful blogger. Think of useful and useful videos that will make your readers better by them.

Write a list of frequently asked questions:

Have you asked many questions? If so, write them and answer them. If you have not been asked any, personalized diaries questions, consider things that people might ask about your product or service. What things can happen that people may need more clarity?

Add a Doll of Personality:

Think about your friends or favorite colleagues. Why do you enjoy chatting with them? These are short stories that you share. You can discuss a bad referee decision in the Sunday match, the movie you went to yesterday, or where you can get the best steak. Your friends talk about more than their particular subject. It is with your content as well. If you only discuss your subject of expertise, then you show yourself as a one-dimensional expert. It’s kind of boring.

Take an unrelated topic and bind it in any way in your area:

Take something that has nothing to do with your career and it needs to do something with your career. I once wrote a guest post where I wrote about having a complex connection with my characters (I write stories and blogging). I basically compare writing characters for complex relationships/friendship.


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