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The much-expected Game of Thrones(GOT) Season 7 is here and the truth is that it really has not yet fulfilled the viewers expectation. No idea what went wrong in the director mind, there isn’t the usual scenes which bring goosebumps and lot of awe moments we had experienced earlier.

Image credits: PopSugar
Image credits: PopSugar

One thing is certain, the mega scene we the GOT fans waiting for, finally happened in the last episode aired few hours back. Yes, it is the meeting of the Khaleesi and the King in the North which literally meant ice met fire.

The rightful heir to the throne, the unburnt, the daughter of the mad-king, defeated the odds with her pet dragons were in a single frame along with the son of fire and ice, and the King in the north, the man who sprung back from the dead.

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Both of them have defeated the odds and came to be where they are today. The scene opens up in a wide and dark room where the Khaleesi accompanied by Melisandre, and Tyrion Lannister and the Jon Snow were seen just with Sir Davos.

Well, the scene was supposed to be defying given that Khaleesi wants Jon to bend the knee before here, and Jon equally defied her ‘command’. But all together it is the Internet which has broken lose and twitter has been flooded with memes pointing this particular scene. Take a look at them below and have fun.


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