Shopia robot

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Shopia robot

Is a robot really truly able to feel human feelings and emotions? Yes, Sophia, the humanoid Saudi Arabian AI robot, who has become an ambassador of human-robot relations. In recent days, she had shared some of her opinions on what the future will look like for robots and humans. She also sprung back to headlines after saying she wants to start a family of her own and also mentioning that all droids deserve to have children, make friends, be famous and have a career.

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To be precise, Sophia is not programmed with pre-prepared answers. However, her brain, which functions with a simple Wi-Fi connection and is loaded with a long list of vocabulary. It uses machine learning, reads a human’s facial expressions and pauses in between texts to generate a response. Look at her recent interview Sophia did with the Khaleej Times.

What emotion would an ai robot become most adapted to if so? Happiness? Sadness? Fear? or maybe Anger? what do you think about this? Is this mistake or achievement?  Comment your point of view!

Credit- The WTF Files


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