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Now and then we are introducing with new and latest technologies that make our life more comfortable and straightforward. In the world of digitalization, all of the companies focusing on the automation work, which gives them edge time and performance. Cloud automation is also the same technology which uses by organizations to reduce the manual efforts of managing cloud computing. It reduces the complexity of cloud computing by automatic managing the functions.

In the early age, managing and operating the workloads of the enterprise is done manually. Thus, manual operation consumes time and gives errors. These errors then led to troubleshooting them, which again waste time and delay the workload. Hence with the help of cloud automation, the organization alleviate the repetitive and manual management of workloads. IT teams use orchestration and automation tools which run on the virtual environment to achieve cloud automation.

Career path in cloud automation

Before choosing a career in cloud automation, one should know what it takes to become a cloud automation engineer.

Responsibilities – To become a cloud automation engineer, you should have an in-depth knowledge of cloud automation, orchestration, and integration. Mostly cloud automation engineers are a senior software engineer or senior software developer. You should have in-depth knowledge of software design and process and also about data center and cloud infrastructure.

The cloud automation engineer implements, optimize, and supports the infrastructure. They have many responsibilities like

  1. They have to identify the opportunities within the software for automation.
  2. They have to design and also execute a test that runs on scripts which automatically test the functionality.
  3. They have to run the criteria for the network, database, applications, software, and hardware.
  4. They have to find out the bugs and errors in the business process.
  5. They have to install applications and tools for automation.
  6. Contact with the client and gather information from them to develop the best automation solutions.
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Qualifications – As cloud automation is a very high-level job, the required skill of this job is also high. As this requires both the software and hardware knowledge and experience for several years, it is a senior level work. The essential qualification an organization seeks is Bachelors in Engineering. Some of the organization wants their employee to have a Master’s degree in Engineer field. As the salary is highly paid for a master’s degree as compared to a bachelor’s degree, we recommend going for a bachelor’s degree.

There are various institutions which provide cloud certification. If you want to go to the field of cloud automation and want to become an automation engineer, you must do a certification course. As the scope increase for cloud automation engineer and still increasing the demand of cloud automation engineer, several institutions started to provide cloud certification courses. If you live in Chennai, you can get cloud training in Chennai. You will get various institution providing this course in all over the globe. Cloud certification in Chennai, get the best cloud training in Chennai.

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