LeSEE - LeEco's electric car

LeSEE – LeECo’s first electric car [Automobiles]

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After Smartphones and TV’s it’s now automobiles. LeEco unveils its first autonomous electric car LeSEE. Though the exact specifications are yet to be known, the 70 second promo video gives us a glimpse of the car’s look and its functionality.

The makers mention LeSEE’s back seats can adjust according to the passenger’s size; its front face consists of smart screen that will display vehicle specific details. Additionally, the front seat consists of touch screen to giving user access to LeEco’s video entertainment. The car is equipped with face-recognition and self-driving manuals though their functionality would be known only from company’s further press releases. LeSEE will make its debut on April 24th 2016 at the Beijing Auto Show.

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Check out the promo video

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