Life Saving Product For Travelers – Best Idea Of The Decade? Find Out Yourself

On any voyage we set ourselves into, one vital factor we consider is drinking healthy water and eating hygienic food. Carrying something like a 10-liter water can will weigh a lot and often times it sucks up our energy as we need to carry it all day. While traveling in a remote location, maybe camping while trekking in forests.

Life Saving Product For Travelers – Best Idea Of The Decade? Find Out Yourself

During situations like these, we have to be minimalistic, but we are being materialistic by carrying loads and loads and unwanted luggage. Here is the life-saving portable water purifier that comes in, which weighs just as equal to the weight of a ball pen.

Water purifies the internal system and helps to purify any water by removing bacteria and unhygienic elements and finally outputs fresh and, more often, tasty waters. Carrying one of these definitely comes in handy and saves our lives big time, that is for sure.



Of course, this sounded pretty fake for us at first, but after using thorough research on this stuff we came to know it is truly a lifesaver. There are millions of travel products available online and offline, but this water purifier product is no joke. Why because it is so elegant in its design and simplifies by excluding unwanted particles.



There are basically two products that do the same water purification, definitely, one has got a little over the other for sure. We let it to you to decide on which one is better compared to the other. The product is a simple tube with two ends, and we have to insert the other end into the available water and suck through the other end.

Lifestraw Personal Portable Water Purifier, 200ml – INR 973. Click here to buy or to check more details.

SAWYER Mini WATER FILTER – STRONGLY TIGHTENED FIBER – IND 1350. Click here to buy to check more details.

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You can see how tightly the other end knob is placed and then the water enters tightly fixed fiber materials which does the purification part. When you can closely look, you will acknowledge the fact that it can purify any water with 99.9% accuracy by eliminating bacteria and hazardous things from entering the other end.

Once after sucking the water and drinking, pull the straw out of the water and push air, so that the hazardous elements get kicked out. When we let it inside without clearing it off will lessen the life of the straw.

If you are still unsure whether it will really purify the water or not? Then you should watch the below videos.

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