Light up your home with sparklers – Creative Birthday celebrations buy sparklers

Light up your home with sparklers - Creative Birthday celebrations buy sparklers 1
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Birthdays are like seasons some are welcomed with open arms and others may take a little warming up to. Generally, all the human in our lives loves to celebrate birthdays. As this big day nears, the excitement of receiving gifts become unbearable for us. But, besides gifts why can’t you try to make the day even more special with few surprises.

For this, you have to try something unique and contemporary for your kids. But, where and how do we start? Don’t get fret up, our today’s article is all about creative birthday party themes for kids. Out of all these ideas, first, buy sparklers which add color and spark to your birthday occasion. Here are some super-fun birthday surprise ideas, which will bring you the extra celebratory mile.

Princess Birthday Party

Generally, all the girls are a princess for their dad when they are in childhood. So, Princess birthday party is the perfect choice for a little girl who dreams of being her favorite princess. While planning a party, choose the right location based on your choice. And, create your own invitation card by cutting out crown shapes from paper and decorate it with glitter and fake jewels. If it is possible, kindly request all your guest to come in their favorite princess costume such that the entire place will create a princess mood. And at last, give Princess bags to all guests, which should be filled with pink candy or cupcakes and little crown as a return gift.

Balloon Birthday Party

A birthday party doesn’t get fulfill without balloons. Just imagine a whole party based on balloons, will be cute, isn’t it? Cover the door from edge to edge with plastic and put the balloons between the closed door and plastic. When your child opens the door, all the balloons will fall into their bedroom and give a big surprise while they wake up. Now its time to celebrate a party!

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The party should be held in the park, where the balloons will fly high. Next, try to make a cupcake topped with vibrant icing with flying custom balloon printable and finally covered it with ribbon stripes. While your kid cuts a cake, pop all the balloon from the top, which should be tied with some memorable pictures. What a lovely reminder! For activities, play games like balloon tunnel, balloon forest, floating tunnel, etc.

Rainbow Birthday Party

Who doesn’t like a spot for the rainbow? A rainbow themed birthday party is colorful, exciting, and pretty much simple to host. But, you have a little bit of planning to throw a dashing rainbow themed birthday party for your kids. Decorate the party space with rainbow cut-outs, balloons, confetti, multicolored paper. Likewise, in the dinner hall try to stack up multicolored paper plates, spoons, forks and paper cups. Buy sparkles and lightening it while your kid cuts the cake, such that it will create a colorful mood.

To bring smiles and giggles on your kid’s face, plan to host some games like colored candy sorting games or beading games. If you have enough budget, you may opt in for a rainbow bouncer or rainbow pinata as a return gift. Have a blast!

Circus Theme Birthday Party

If your little one is a big fan of circus and carnivals then throw your child with this entertaining theme. To start off this, decorate whole party area with a clown, circus pictures, posters and clip art.  In the entrance, you can even design a poster of your kid and put them in a circus dress. Going circus is not only for seeing amazing acts, food is also very important. Offer guests a plethora of traditional circus goodies like colorful lollipops, popcorn, crack jacks, jellybeans, etc. Next, engage your guests with some fun activities like Can toss, inflatable clown toss, ring toss, etc.

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Our list going to end here. Hope you had enjoyed a lot with these creative birthday party ideas. If we missed out some birthday ideas for your kid, please let us know and we can share your ideas with everyone else.

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