Linkedin New Feature – Export Anybody’s Profile Information Into A PDF File



Reading Time: 2 minutes

Technology has been transforming our lives to extraordinary highs with its innovation of unbelievable features. Linkedin, the popular business and employment-oriented social network service website helps billions with their services. It bridges the gap between employers and employees in an elegant manner. The trend of taking a resume to the interview has been changing rapidly because the employer just takes a look at the candidate Linkedin profile.


Linkedin profile where people update their skill set, personal details, interests, experience history, and many things are which are more related to their profession and career. Since every professional detail like the candidate past experience history, education, Skills & Expertise, Certifications accomplished, email id, and others are present in the profile itself.  Lately Linkedin revealed a new feature “Save to PDF“, by this feature we can export the profile details as a PDF file. This feature is not restricted to just your profile as you can export anybody’s profile detail with your account. No premium membership required to access this feature, as this available for all.


To export and print a profile:

1. Search for the name in the search bar, if you are looking for any specific person’s profile detail.
2. Open anybody profile page.




3. On the right-hand side, you will find the “More” icon present as three dots.
4. Click on that, and select “Save to PDF”.


Save to pdf

5. Now the PDF file will be downloaded and saved in the default download location on your device.

As of now, there is a note from Linkedin that “Only characters from the English alphabet will display properly in a PDF.”