Live your Life to the Fullest

Live Life to the Fullest

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Live Life your Fullest

From our childhood, the society and surroundings have made us to swim along with the tide (study well, get a job, marry, raise children and the list goes on…..) with little emphasis on knowing ourselves, our abilities, our passions and purpose of life.

Over a period of time, life becomes so mechanical where we lose ourselves becoming slaves of routine, status, expectations, and responsibilities. Even though every one of us is willing to swim against the tide we are scared, confused, and nervous leading us to live a life that looks good outside but hollow inside .

Below are some simple ways in utilizing your life to the fullest.

KNOW YOUR LIKES & DISLIKES AND BE VOCAL ABOUT IT – There is more harm in shying away than expressing yourself. Just have your say without being rude or arrogant. Let people accept you for what you are.

STOP PLEASING; EVERYBODY IS BUSY WITH THEIR OWN LIVES – Easily said, we always look forward to please people we like/attracted to. It’s good to be nice but don’t let it being taken for a ride. Be flexible, don’t bend.

THE JOURNEY MATTERS MORE THAN THE DESTINATION – We all set goals and strive to achieve it, but it’s the path we travel throws light on our nature, our strengths, our weakness, our fears, our passion, our resilience. The path defines you; result is just an end point.

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Live Life to its fullest

DON’T COMPARE; EACH ONE OF US IS UNIQUE – Each of us is blessed with a unique personality and different set of skills. Spend time with yourself; listen and understand your natural instincts. Better your past; Upgrade yourself.

SURROUND YOURSELF WITH PEOPLE WHO REALLY CARE ABOUT YOU  –Identifying them happens mostly during your tough times as they stand by you for who you really are. Let them criticize you/ get into an argument/ make fun of you but they are the only souls genuinely concerned about your well-being.

IT’S NATURAL TO MAKE MISTAKES; WE ARE FAR FROM PERFECT – Successful people make mistakes, learn from it and finally they keep moving. Be accountable for the mistakes but don’t be hard to yourself.

STEP ASIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE – Learning/Exploring new things stimulates the brain, makes it more active, functional and makes you feel good. An active brain makes us attentive, innovative and decisive lending more clarity in our thought process. A better mind leads to better health.

Fell free to share your thoughts, comments, and experiences. Please share them in the comments section below.

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