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The giant instant social messaging platform WhatsApp has got various modern features. One of them is the WhatsApp Status feature where we can simply update a status which automatically clears after 24 hours. WhatsApp status is a cool feature where we get to publish anything we would like to our contacts.

The feature is a huge hit as the content that is being shared with it is simple and elegant, loved by all. Ever wondered, how to download that favorite WhatsApp? Here we brought an interesting Android Mobile App which lets you download the Status messages in a flash.

Source: Google Play Store
Source: Google Play Store


There is no turning back, ever since Facebook sealed the deal and acquired WhatsApp. Recent stats confirm that the social messaging platform WhatsApp have reached 1.3 Billion users. One major reason for WhatsApp success is that they always thrive to serve with cool features to the users. Instant messaging, Video & Video call, GIF, Status and several others.


WhatsApp Status feature raised numerous questions when it was launched initially. The current scenario is that it is loved by WhatsApp users, as it enables you to share any message across your circle. The status message is a temporary phenomenon which automatically gets cleared in 24 hours. You can update a status which can be an image, GIF, video. Similarly, you can find status messages updated by your friends, family, and others.

Source: Google Play Store
Source: Google Play Store


The application named STATUS DOWNLOADER lets you to download your favorite WhatsApp Status. You can download Image, GIF, Video files onto your smartphone with this interesting app. The process to download a WhatsApp status has been made simple with this application.

Download this application, as usual look over the status your friends have published. Then, open the Status Downloader app where you can find the status you have seen seconds earlier. You can simply keep looking on those media files, save them to your device and even you can share the files among your contacts with the share option as well.

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