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Laptop prices are coming down at a regular pace, thanks to the giant manufacturers who keep manufacturing high end and powerful laptops. You are provided with a lot of choices to buy your favorite laptop irrespective of your price limitations. Yes, for a similar price category you can buy laptop manufacturers like the Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, and Lenovo. It is not that easy to just take a look and choose one among this laptop as there is no single of kind laptop user.


First and foremost, before choosing the platform to be Mac, Windows or Chrome OS it is wise to decide on the right size for your laptop. The best way to choose the appropriate size depends on how portable you need laptop to be.


Asus TUF Gaming FX504GD-E4021T 15.6-inch Laptop – Check Price

The usual sizes of the laptops are 11-12 inches for the thinnest and lightest systems; 13 to 14 inches laptop meets most of our requirements as it is portable as well as most suggested and remaining we have 15 inches which the most people end up compared to the 17 to 18 inch which isn’t that portable.


It is no secret that you will be spending all day looking at your laptop screen and you must choose something that is comfortable to look and use. Most of us at some point will play games at our laptop for sure and incase of a gamer, it is absolutely advisable to take a look at the refresh rate on the laptop display. The best suggested option is to go with the 1920×1080 pixel resolution (FULL HD) laptop to enjoy the best experience.

DELL Inspiron 7373 2-in-1 13.3-inch FHD Touch Laptop – Check Price


Not many would consider looking keenly on the keyboard quality of the laptop they are choosing. This is because they spend most of their time in choosing the best processor, RAM, and several other things. But the most important is the keyboard, unlike a desktop computer your laptop will have to have a keyboard that suits the palm of your hand. Even though we have palm detection sensor to cancel unwanted pressing on your keypad, it is quite important to look ahead and not have a known problem.

HP Envy 13-ah0043tx 2018 13.3-inch Laptop – Check Price

Laptop is of course a long term investment to anyone who planning to buy one, these are the important things you must consider when buying a new laptop. Forget about the laptop CPU, RAM, and several other things as by default you are going to be strict about them but there are things like the laptop size, screen quality, and the keyboard quality is something that most people forget to look for.


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