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Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Climax 1
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Sridhar, totally puzzled, ”How? How come you came to know her?”

Abhi: Yeah, We met each other. She came to Chennai the very next day after you had left for New York.
Abhi began to narrate her conversation with Priya on that day in Restaurant.

Priya, who was sitting opposite to Abhi began to speak out.
Priya: ”Abhi, you might not be having a good opinion about me. I can sense it. Isn’t it?”
As she asked her with a smile, Abhi just smiled back but could not give her a reply!
How can she tell, ”YES!” as an answer. Only God knew how her heart was beating fast waiting for the purpose of her sudden visit!

Even such a cool and airy atmosphere, Abhi felt suffocated. However she tried her best to appear normal to Priya!
Priya, taking a deep breadth :” Abhi………. To be frank with you , our’s wasn’t mere infactuation or ….just lust! We loved truly with understanding when we were there! However we didn’t end up in marriage! Waiting for his response after the death of his brother, I moved to Delhi a few months back…….however when I contacted him , I felt that….. He was not too happy about it. I expected him to visit me the very next day……..but it didn’t happen!
I was on cloud nine when he informed his visit to delhi ……………”
Abhi, who was listening to all this ….felt that she was about to lose something very soon……. She felt dejected thinking that Sridhar was all in her memories
That had finally pushed him to meet her in Delhi!!!!
Priya read her thoughts that were reflected clearly in Abhi’s face!
Looking her eyes, with a sad smile, Priya said:” But I didn’t expect that Sridhar would have totally changed and was…….. was not the one ,who loved me so dearly!!!”
Abhi was surprised and she looked at her waiting for her to complete……
Priya, without hesitation told everything about her conversation with Sridhar……..
Priya: “ It’s true that I even asked him to get a divorce from you……I was in such a craze on him Abhi! I couldn’t think about the right and the wrong! My mind was fixed and determined that my future was with Sridhar!………I was possessive and I didn’t want to lose him at any cost! But he is virtuous Abhi!……
Though he married you to please his parents, he never tried to neglect or ill treat you! Your willpower and hope had its effects in his mind state Abhi! He has his care and concern towards you and I am sure, he will not miss you in his life! I must say… are lucky !”
“ though he loved me for years, he could not put me in your place…….only because your dedication and love had captivated his heart! He is able to part with me ,……but not ready to lose you !”
When she finished , Abhi’s face glowed in happiness and surprise!
“Am I dreaming? All that is happening around me is reality or mere illusion?
Have I won the heart of my dear husband finally?”
Abhi’s heart brimmed with contentment and she shed tears of joy.
Seeing her, Priya said:” though I loved him deeply , I was not noble enough to accept that he was now your husband !In fact, I didn’t want him to wear this and……. I took it away from him!”
Saying so she took out his ring and showed it to Abhi……..
“ Take it Abhi! When he comes from his trip, put it to him……He who accepted it earlier from you in compulsion , will be happier to receive it from his loved wife! ”
Abhi took the ring from her hands and kept in her bag!
Priya, handed her a bag and said,”I will not come again to India in near future…..I wanted to gift you something………..that why I got this for you”
Abhi saw a bright blue saree with exquisite works which was very pretty!
Priya, bending her head down,” I ……I have said everything that I wanted to say! But still you haven’t spoken anything….. Forgive me Abhi! I didn’t meand to…….. ruin your life……..” saying so she broke into tears!
Abhi couldn’t bear Priya’ sorrow and holding her hand in hers she said,” Priya………don’t say so! It’s no one’s fault! I am really happy that I came to know how good you are! Don’t worry!” and wiped away her tears!
After some time, Abhi bid farewell to Priya , who with a contented heart left for the Airport!……………………………………………………………………………..
Listening to this Sridhar was speechless! What a woman you are, Priya!
You took all pains to come all the way just to set my life right!
He looked at Abhi and said,” I …… sorry Abhi…Whatever it may be , I should not meddled in your life because of my pastlife!”
Abhi took his ring from her handbag and put it in his finger and said” Lets forget the past and lead a newly married life from now ,sridhar!You were true to your conscience! Keeping such pressure in your mind, you expressed it frankly! It’s better ! Atleast for now…..its solved” she said with a smile!
With a mischevious look he asked,” then why were you brooding when I came here? I was perplexed ….you know!”
She laughed : “ I wanted to just……frighten you! Only then you will have some fear towards me in future , right ?”
Joining in her laughter, he pretended to be frightened and said,” Oh …..then ,Mam, Please tell me what I should do now…..?
Abhi ,seeing his expression laughed aloud !!! Sridhar looking her fondly,came near her ! In his affectionate hug, she was lost in his love. He took her face in his hands and asked,” The love behind our nuptial knot has united us finally…..and this will last long till our end! My dear , tell me what should I do now?”
She looked into the eyes of her husband and said,” Take me to the place where I longed for this moment……Take me to our beach house! I want to start our life all again ….new from the same place where I lost it!”
Hearing this, He was so touched! He gently kissed her on her forehead and said,” Sure Abhi! Lets go there!”
This time there travel was memorable and soon they reached the beach house in the evening! It was so decorated as it was so during their previous visit!
But now there hearts were longing for each other that made that home feel heaven like!!!
As soon as they entered in, Abhi’s feet no longer touched the ground! She was gently carried by her Sridhar who went towards their room……
And towards a life with bounded love and joy !!!
Love after marriage….or after marriage is divine if it bounds the two hearts together ….forever!!!!!

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