Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 1

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It was a pleasant evening when the gates of Meenakshi college for Women opened for the students to leave. Being a long day all girls were hurrying to their home. One among them is the soul of my story Abhinaya!!

“Hey Abi don’t be searching for your corporate accounts notes it’s with me and I will return tomorrow” said Shalini, with a naughty smile on her face. Just then Abi remembered that Shalini was sincerely texting her boyfriend when Mrs. Seetha lakshmi (Accounts Proff), was trying her level best to keep the class awake by her lecture.

With a smile on her face, Abinaya nodded her head and parted from her friends. She went near the gate wondering why her driver was unusually late that day. Her thought was suddenly interrupted by a Nokia ringtone. As she saw her driver name flashing in the screen, she answered the call. On the other end in a tensed tone “Abi ma, Car is under repair I am so sorry ma, you please wait inside the campus I will come within half an hour.”


It’s okay Ravi no problem I will hire an auto and reach home, saying so she cut the call and started walking towards her home. The road was quite empty and she began singing her favorite song on a low tone. (It’s what most of us love to do too!! 🙂

Did she sing in the “amurthavarshini” raga (Raga that is believed to bring rain when sang) or what!! It began to rain heavily suddenly. Who would like to miss it? Abi walked joyfully in the pouring rain towards her home.

Just as she was about to open the gate of her house, she spotted her dad’s shoes near the door. Oops! if Mr. Subramanian sees his daughter in this state, he will start his long list of advices “a girl should be like this, a girl should be like that; did you come all way to home playing like a child why don’t you behave with maturity?? Blah blah blah…“

Oh god! All the enjoyment that I had till now is going to drain off in a second!. However she quickly went to the backyard escaping the front door and knocked the window of the kitchen from outside.

In a whispering tone, Saro aunty (cook), it’s me Abhi!, open the back door, I am drenched in rain. Come soon it’s too cold here.

Saying so she went to the back door and waited for Saro aunty to open the latch for her.

But Oh hoo 🙁

When the door opened it was her DAD who was standing in front of her, with folded hands! :(. to be continued) 🙂

The Next episode of this story is here, Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 2.

Love behind the Nuptial Knot - Episode 1


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