Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 11

Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 11 1
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The previous episode of this story is here, Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 10.

Priya who was impatiently staring at this stromed towards them. She neared them with rage and snatched the glass from that girl. To everyone’s astonishment she smashed it to the ground and shouted, ”BEHAVE YOURSELF!”. Sridhar was shocked to see her behave in such a rude manner and took her away from that place. He then asked her, ”Priya, why did you do that? Don’t you know its common here. She is our friend and she just teased me for fun. You…”, before he could complete his sentence,

Priya: “ya, she is your friend. But you should know that I am longer your friend”.

Sridhar: ”hey! What happened?”. She suddenly broke into tears and spoke in a soft tone.

Priya:” yeah, I love you and I can’t stand the sight of you moving with other girls. No matter how they are related to you!. I have been with you all these days and now I just can’t imagine anything without you. Being such good friends, I believe that we can make a good couple. I haven’t spoke about this to you before but I didn’t expect that it will happen in such a situation”.

Sridhar, with shock: “Priya! What is this? what are you saying?”.

Priya: ”We will meet in my home for dinner! Let’s discuss about this later. Don’t make a hasty decision right now. Think and decide!”.

Saying so, she walked away leaving Sridhar, a utterly shocked. After coming to his room, he was deep in thoughts.

He too was very attached to her. As a close friend would be however he haven’t thought about taking their relationship to the next level. Her sudden proposal pushed him to a dilemma stage. When he recollected his days with her, he realized that it was not just friendship that she showed to him. Her caring gestures and the joy in her eyes when she was in his company were etched in his heart. Finally he decided to travel the journey of life holding her hands.

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It was a grand dinner at Priya’s house and she made sure that his favourite Indian dishes found there place. He was so pleased by her gesture to have remembered all these which she had asked him long before. After the dinner, Ram Mohan (Priya’s dad) spoke to him about various things and finally ended with the question, ”So Sridhar, What have you decided about Priya?”.

As he saw her surprised, she bent her head down with shy. He then replied to her dad “If you pleased with this, I will be happy to have her in my life uncle! However I do have something to disclose to you.” Saying so, he told that he was an adopted child and how he was looked after affectionately by Pushpa and sekaran.

Listening to this, Rammohan patted his shoulders and said “Son, the character and the behavior of a person matters more than his brought up!.

As far as I have seen you all these years, I am happy about you and trust you with my daughter.” Thinking of something, he took Sridhar to the garden and told to him in a low tone, ”But my boy, Are you sure that your parents won’t stand against this? Because before knowing her, they might not be ready to accept Priya as she is not brought up in India. And also, She is very adamant and possessive with you! She might not take it light if this marriage doesn’t happen. I fear for that Sridhar”, he finished in a sad tone!.

Sridhar assured him that when he visit India the next time, he will surely get the acceptance of his parents and being a lovable son, they will have no reason to disagree with him.

Ram Mohan was pleased and after speaking some time, Sridhar got ready to leave. Priya who came out to send him whispered, “what were you both speaking so long? I was breaking my head in curiousity!”.


Sridhar, ”uhh. He was feeling sorry for my pity state as I have to suff” he was interrupted by her, ”what? How dare you?” saying so she playfully tried to beat him up.

Sridhar Smiling at her, ”what a girl you are? I have never seen a girl friend beating up her lover on that day of their proposal!”.

Priya winked at him and said in the same tone, ”I have also not seen a crap who replies for his proposal to his girl friend’s father”.

Sridhar, ”I wonder how I am going to manage you in future. Oh god, why didn’t you send me the kind of girl I wished for?” he saw the skies with his hands up.

Priya pushed him and leaned on his shoulders, ”I am so happy Sri, How long I have longed for this lovely day. I will thank the god all through my life for this da!”.

With love he took her in his arms and looked into her eyes saying, ”I am Gifted dear, to have such a loving angel in my life forever. I wonder how I am going to reciprocate all your love”.

Love will come, laden with all happiness but no one realizes that it will take away more than it brought while leaving!.

Little he did not know that the same love is going to mess up with his life in future! Lets see how that happens in the next episodes… (to be continued)

The next episode of this story is here, Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 12.

Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 11
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