Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 12

Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 12
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The previous episode of this story is here, Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 11.

Little he did not know that the same love is going to mess up with his life in future! Days rolled by and they were very happy in the company of each other. When there studies were over, Sridhar planned to return back to India. One day, He went to Priya’s home early in the morning. Ram Mohan was busy starting for his office and he welcomed Sridhar.

Sridhar: “Uncle, Where is Priya? Has she waken up?”

Ram Mohan, Smiling at him,” I don’t think so, that too in a holiday! Go and see for yourself. Her room is in the first floor. I am leaving for my office, See you later son”.

Sridhar: “Yeah, okay uncle!” Thinking to himself, “Certainly New york is totally different from India! The freedom they give here is not imaginable there”.

He went upstairs and knocked her room. As no response came, he opened and went inside. It was hard to believe that It was the room of a M.B.A student! It was very Pretty with dolls and toys around, and reminded him of a play school. Her books were kept aside on a table while everything was neatly arranged without any mess.

There he found Priya, curled up like a kitten inside a thick and cosy blanket. He sat by her side near the bed and watched her cute face for a while without having the heart to wake her up. He placed the cover that he had bought near her bed with a note on it and came down. He switched on the television to while away his time till she comes. An hour passed by when suddenly he was distracted from the t.v as he sensed some one coming downstairs.

When he turned his head around, he saw Priya coming towards him in a deep blue silk saree with a gorgeous pearl necklace in her neck. The saree was perfectly wrapped around her and showed her prettier. She came cheerfully near him and said, ”hey Sri, your selection is so fine. How do I look in this?”

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Seeing the eagerness in her eyes, he gazed her and replied, “hmmmm. Sort of a doll before a textile shop. Ha ha ha”. She stared at him mischeviously and questioned, ”what’s special today? You are surprising me with gifts unusually!”

Sridhar: “lets go outside, Shall we?”

Priya:” Oh sure”

They drove towards the temple which was little far away from her home. Sridhar and priya walked in and after the worship they went near the temple garden which was a serene place.

Priya: “Now tell me. Why are flattering me like this all of a sudden?”

Sridhar: ”hey, not so dear. I wished to visit this temple with you one day and so this happened. And…”

Priya: ”And… ?”

Sridhar: “I have to leave for India within a week! I wanted to gift you something before that. That’s why I bought you this saree and the necklace for you. I am not sure of when I will return back to take you home!”.

Her face became gloomy on hearing his words, and she took his hands saying” Why don’t you speak to your mom now itself. Say about me to her softly. Atleast I will not be worried about this in your absence!”. Her pleading disturbed him very much and he was not able to deny it when she asked with tear filled eyes!. He thought for a while and picked up his mobile to dial his home number.

Just then the phone rang and the displayed showed “Deva”!

He was happy to see that and he received the call. Only to be shocked and turned pale on hearing the voice on the other side! (to be continued…)

The next episode of this story is here, Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 13.

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Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 12
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