Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 13

Car Accident
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Seeing his face turning pale, Priya became curious and tensed to know what the issue was all about. After the call, he looked her with tear filled eyes and said, ”Deva… Deva is no more. He had died this morning after a fatal accident Priya! I feel dizzy. I wonder how my parents are going to bear this shock. Oh god why this happened!”.

Car Accident
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Priya helped him to react fast for this and immediately took him to Deva’s University which was little far away from their place. Since Sridhar was not in a state to drive, Priya drove as fast as she could. When they reached there, Deva’s friends met them and took them to the hospital where Deva was kept lifeless! Seeing him in that state, Sridhar wiped bitterly. All the arrangements to recover the body and finish the formalities were taken care by Ram Mohan himself. He found it hard to console Sridhar who refused to eat or drink anything for three days.

Here in Chennai, the plight of Sekaran and Pushpa was worser. When it was the time for Sridhar to leave for India, Priya and Ram Mohan came to the Airport to send him off. Priya, Who was very worried about his departure, didn’t let him know it and tried to be as normal as possible. Even before a minute leaving, his hands were in her hands bonded firmly. He thanked Ram Mohan for his timely help and turned towards Priya and said, ”Priya, I didn’t expect all this would happen now. Don’t worry let’s wait for things to get right there and surely soon I will come here with a good news! She nodded her head and sent him with a heavy heart not knowing her life was destined in contrast to her expectations.

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“Sir, would you like to have your lunch?” the voice of the air hostess, brought Sridhar to the present!
Replying to her, he looked at his hands, a golden ring with the name “abhi“ written on it. “Oh god! give me the strength to face this critical situation today” he prayed silently.

The flight reached Delhi and soon he found himself before the door of Priya’s Apartment! His fingers shivered as he ringed the calling bell. After waiting for a few seconds, the door opened and Priya stood before him in the same Blue Saree wearing the pearl necklace that were gifted by him months ago! Her face glowed with joy and she greeted him happily inside. However Sridhar could not react in the same way. As soon as he came inside, she was about to give him a warm hug. Just then he stopped her with a sad face. When she looked confused at him, he closed his eyes for a second and showed his hand to her. Her eyes looked fixed on seeing the ring with the name “ABHI” !!! (to be continued)

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