Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 14

Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 14 1
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Her eyes looked fixed on seeing the ring with the name “ABHI”!

Sridhar: “Priya I.. I am no longer yours!”
She became speechless and stood still like a statue
Sridhar, without leaving a silence in between, told everything that happened in his life that were so long unknown to Priya. Starting from his arrival to India, his parent’s wish, his request to Abhi everything without leaving behind a single incident!
There was a long silence.
When he turned back, he saw her still in her same position, only tears flowing from her reddened eyes. He felt shattered and responsible for her sad state and came near her.
In a soft tone he began, “Priya, I have nothing left to say. I admit that we were in love with lot of hopes but unfortunately I was not in a situation to keep up my promise made to you! I really feel sorry for the agony that I created for you“. She slowly turned her head towards him and asked, ”So you say that this marriage did not take place on your wish, isn’t it?”.
Sridhar, with a confused look asked her, “What are you coming to say?”
Priya, in a stern voice, ”I will excuse you if you are willing to make things work right once again! Come with me!”
Sridhar: ”Where?”
Priya: ”As of now, to an Advocate. Later, to States!”
Sridhar: ”What the hell are you talking Priya?”
Priya: ”Yeah, If you had been married to her without interest, why should you carry on? Get relieved from that relationship by a DIVORCE!”
“Come with me to States or Take me to your home! I won’t tell this to my dad! Let bygones be bygones. Forget everything!”
Sridhar: ”did you think about Abhi, for once? What has she done, Priya? I haven’t treated her rightfully of how a loving wife deserves, even for once! She had tolerated everything just with a hope in our relationship! How can I…”
Priya, came near him furiously and caught hold of his collars. In a harsh tone, ”Have you thought about me before making her your wife? If she has hope when you have ignored her for months, how much I would have had, when you loved me in return? I can’t think of anyone else and I am ready to accept you after your divorce!”


Sridhar, after taking a deep breath, ”BUT I AM NOT READY FOR A DIVORCE!”
In utter shock, she looked at him! ”What are blabbering Sri?”
He turned towards her and said, ”Priya, we may plan our lives but when it doesn’t work out we have to accept the realities. I, initially was perplexed. However I am clear now. You are brought up in abroad. You are not aware of how divorce would ruin a girl’s life! I would not be excused if I give such misery to my wife who had been loving me and my family so dearly!. Her polite approach and her love had changed my mind! How bad she would felt if she had seeked her mom’s support! I can’t miss her in my life, Priya! I have to shower her with my love that she had been longing for! Please don’t try to convince me further! I wanted to make things straight to you before getting back to my Abhi!”

Listening to him, she kept quiet for some time and went inside in a hurry. After some time she returned and came near him, ”Sridhar, I understand! I won’t compel you! After this, there is no point in me staying in India. I am leaving for States!” Heiving a sign of relief he looked at her with a grateful look. ”Thank you Priya! Carry on and soon you shall find a suited match for you. And sorry for everything!”

“I have to leave for a conference in New York in my next flight, Take care. It would take a couple of days to return home.” Taking his card out, “here is my visiting card. Drop in when are in Chennai!” Priya, “then you must stay atleast for a lunch with me. I had cooked for you” saying so she rushed in to the kitchen! Sridhar could not refuse it and while eating he remembered his dinner in her house!” Destiny is beyond man’s control” he thought to himself.

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After washing his hands, he started. Before leaving he asked,” when are you going to start to States, Priya?”
“As soon as possible, in the next flight”, she replied with a smile. Waving his hands, he left from her. As his taxi, reached Airport, He boarded the flight. At the same time, Priya was speaking to a Travels. On the other end, ”Mam, What can I do for you?”

Priya, with a cunning look: ”Get me the tickets to the next leaving flight at any cost to CHENNAI!”
In the clutches of her hand, there lied Sridhar’s ring. The ring that he removed while washing his hands with the name “ABHI”! Unaware of anything, Dreaming of his happy future, Sridhar failed to see his engagement ring missing in his hand! Not knowing that his married life was in risk! (To be continued)

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