Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 15

Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 15
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The previous episode of this story is here, Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 14.

Unaware of anything, Dreaming of his happy future, Sridhar failed to see his engagement ring missing in his hand! Not knowing that his married life was in risk!.

Everything seems to be lifeless for Abhi. Though he showed no interest in her, his presence made her feel light in the air. Passing a day was very tough for her and nothing could keep her from his thoughts! As she was cooking for that sunny afternoon, phone bell rang. Keeping the stove in sim mode, she walked to the hall to answer the call.
On the other end: “May I speak to Mrs. Abhinaya?” questioned a female voice.
Abhi: ”Yes, I am Abhi speaking. May I know who is this?”
“Abhi, I am Priya! I was Sridhar’s… Friend during our M.B.A.”
Abhi: ”errrrr, He has gone for a conference to New york! I shall ask him to contact you after his return”.
Priya, smiling to her replied: “Yes, but what you don’t know is that he met me in Delhi before leaving to Newyork!”

After a pause Priya continued, ”And Abhi, there are lot of things that you are still unaware of!”
Abhi: ”I can’t understand what you are coming to say!” her voice told that she was confused!
Priya: “you will if you spare some time with me today. Hope you are willing to!”
Abhi, thinking for a moment, ”Okay! But where?”
Priya: “I am new to India ! So you yourself suggest a place and also give me your contact number”. Abhi thought for a while and replied. The voice on the other end agreed. Abhi felt anxious about their conversation and put the receiver down in its place.

When Abhi reached the Restaurant, she got a call from Priya saying that she had come there and told her the table where she was seated. Abhi neared the table while Priya from a distance saw her coming towards her. They greeted each other and sat down. Within seconds, Priya was amazed and pleased by Abhi’s looks. “She is indeed a true beauty! How pretty she looks, even in this simple makeup!”

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Abhi broke the silence. “why did you intend to meet me? I even don’t remember of knowing you before”
Without taking her eyes from her Priya said,” I am Priya, a girl who was not lucky enough to be called as PRIYA SRIDHAR!”
Abhi felt freezed in that moment! She could hardly believe her own ears! Is she the one who was the root cause of the miseries in her married life?! How boldly she had invited me for a conversation, that too in his absence! Is this meeting taking place unknown to Sridhar or Is he behind all this? Is she expecting me to beg to win back my life? Her conscience flooded her with lot of questions.

“Oh god! Give me the strength to tackle all this“
Without letting her read her mind, Abhi spoke: ”What is there to speak with me
Priya: “yes, It is! I wonder what he had told to you about me but I do have many things to tell you!”
With wide eyes, Abhi listened to Priya. Her words went deep into her heart and there conversation went on for a long time!

It was the next day when the flight reached Chennai Airport. Sridhar, who missed being here, was very eager to step into his home. As he entered in, Pushpa and sekaran were happy to receive their son. But his eyes were longing to see his wife who was not present there! “Mom, where is Abhi? Is she still sleeping in her room?” Seeing his face turning dull, his mom teased him saying, “We too missed you these days but you are more concerned about your wife, isn’t it? She is inside your room. Go and see her!”

Smiling shyly for her comments, he took long jumps and climbed the steps and went towards their room. As the minutes were running out, his heartbeat sounded more with the joy of seeing her! When he reached his room, he found Abhi in a new saree turning back and doing something! When she heard him coming inside she stopped her work and stood still without turning back! Something told Sridhar, that she was not normal as before.


With all his excitement draining off, he called, ”Abhi!”
She replied, “What is it?”
Sridhar: ”Why are you not looking at me? I have returned after my trip and you are not even greeting me!”
Abhi: ”You have’nt told me about it“
Sridhar: ”What? Are you dreaming? Don’t you know that I am going to New york for a Conference?”
Abhi: “I do! But I don’t know that you were going to New Delhi first!”
Sridhar was shocked. Before thinking for an answer, she showed her hands to him. As she opened her fist, he was stunned to see his ring in her hands!”. Just then he found the ring missing in his hands! “How did you get this?”

With a shivered voice, “A person who is not even concerned about his marriage, will not take care to keep his wedding ring safe either!” It is no wonder, Sridhar!”, she replied sarcatiscally!
“Abhi, listen to me Abhi! I am not so careless. I don’t know how I missed it”, he tried to convince her!
Abhi: ”I too don’t know how I missed you Sridhar! What made you to lie to me ? When you had the guts to say that you were in love in your past life, why didn’t you hide that you are going to meet her?”
Sridhar: “Whom are you talking about?”
Abhi: ”PRIYA!”
Sridhar, totally puzzled, ”How? How come you came to know her?”

Let Abhi give her answer to Sridhar and to us tomorrow (to be continued)

The climax episode of this story is here, Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Climax.

Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 15
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