Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 2

Love behind the Nuptial Knot - Episode 2
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The previous episode of this story is here, Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 1.

When the door opened it was her DAD who was standing in front of her, with folded hands! “Saro Aunty haven’t come today “, her dad said in a stern voice. Trying to manage the situation, Abi slowly said “err… Daddy I did not find an auto when it began raining that’s why I …” before she could finish her sentence, her dad interrupted “And that’s why you came through the back door… right?!” in a sarcastic tone!

Abhi, giving a clumsy look put down her head and slipped into her room to change.” Oh hooo I should have thought of a better answer” she was telling to herself while letting her long hair loose to dry.

“Abhi” hearing her dad’s call, she shouted “coming dad!” and went to the living room. There, Mr. Subramanian was sitting with a small note in his hand. Wondering what it was, she went and sat beside him. Without taking his eyes from the note, he said “Abhi ma, Pushpa aunty had called me in the morning. Their son has arrived from states yesterday it seems. They will be coming to see you this Friday! When is your final exam?”

Now it was easy for Abhi to realize why her dad was so seriously looking into that “small note” (It’s her horoscope!!Of course) 🙂 replying to her dad, she slowly asked him “dad…”
“What is it ma?” he said taking his eyes from the note. ”Dad, I thought of doing my PG before my marriage. Isn’t it too early to get engaged before exams?” thinking for a moment her dad looked at her and replied “Dear, It’s not because I want you to get married early. They are having a good name in the society and they are very interested in this marriage. It’s not often you come across good alliances, you know!” Seeing her sitting silently he continued “However if you are not willing, I won’t force you, what do you say?”. Nodding her head, (that’s how we communicate our acceptance often na)she came to her room! Feeling happy about it, her dad smiled at her and continued his work.

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Pushpa Aunty- A name that Abhinaya almost forgot in the past three months! But she hasn’t forgotten Abhi! (A story without flash back is quite boring la…) 🙂 three months before…

It was a very pompous wedding taking place in Coimbatore. Since Abhi’s cousin was the bride, she took up many responsibilities in the marriage. Dressed in a maroon silk saree and with those Golden ornaments, she almost looking like a bride herself! Her long tresses plaited with jasmine, warm smile and attractive features was admired by many eyes! While she was near the entrance giving the thamboolam to the guests, a commotion was heard near the gate.
She was the first one to notice it… (To be continued…)

The Next episode of this story is here, Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 3.

Love behind the Nuptial Knot - Episode 2

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