Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 3

Love behind the Nuptial Knot - Episode 3
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The previous episode of this story is here, Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 2.

When she swiftly moved to the entrance, she found an elderly person fallen in the floor, holding his chest in pain. It was so obvious that he was losing his consciousness and was having a heart attack!

Before long a crowd gathered around him and one of them shouted turning to the other side “Call Pushpa Ma…… It’s her husband Sekaran who has fainted here!” While some of them went to fetch a auto, Abhi was the first to sense the seriousness of the issue and immediately took out the emergency tablet (patients who had suffered from heart attacks earlier are advised to keep one such tablet always with them. It is a lifesaving tablet which is to be placed under the tongue during heart attack immediately within one hour!)Abhi used to carry it with her for her father who was a heart patient.

She quickly placed it in his mouth. Meanwhile the auto had come and Sekaran was rushed to the Hospital. Heaving a sigh of relief, Abhi turned back to the marriage hall. Days later she received a call from her cousin Revathi saying that Sekaran was saved in the right time and Pushpa aunty was so moved by her quick act.

Hey Abhi, I must also thank you personally ma, Pushpa aunty is a very good friend of my mother and we are known to each other for a long time. I really appreciate you for your presence if mind, thank you dear. Oh come on Revathi, it was my pleasure to have helped them, then how is your husband? I thought you won’t have time to keep in touch with me after marriage, ha ha ha said Abhi. Thus their conversation ended and Abhi’s aunt soon spoke to Abhi’s father about her marriage proposal.

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They were about to come and see Abhi with their son the very next week. However a day before the ceremony, Subramanian received a call that their son had to go to states immediately and will be back soon. And here, three months have rolled on and Abhi had almost forgotten this!

Two more Days were left for the “Friday“ and Abhi was quite restless, the Grief of parting her Dad, her home, her wish to pursue with higher studies and the anxiety of the new environment that she is going to be a part of; All were worrying her so much!

But like every other girl of her age, Abhi also wondered how her Life partner is going to be! Being a rare combination of good nature and attractive feature, she always won the hearts of all. When many of her friends were stung by the “love bee”, she did not give in so easily. She believed in “LOVE AFTER TYING THE NUPTIALKNOT”, “How is he going to be with me? Will he love me with all his heart as I am ready to?” she questioned herself!

The Calendar showed that it was Friday and the Cook Saro decorated Abhi in the evening. Since she was motherless from her childhood, Saro brought her up with care and affection. The Car entered the Gates of Subramanian’s house at 5:30 pm and Pushpa’s Family was warmly welcomed.

Abhi, who was pretty looked gorgeous in a green samudhrika Saree (It suited her very well, more than MEERA JASMINE in the advertisement!).
Needless to say, she almost mesmerized the guests by her stunning looks! She entered the hall with a tray of coffee cups and neared the guests.

Though she appeared quite casual, her mind was so disturbed….she tried so much to appear normal and thought “If only that phone call hadn’t come!!! How nice it would have been!!!!”—————————- (To be continued) 🙂

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The Next episode of this story is here, Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 4.

Love behind the Nuptial Knot - Episode 3

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