Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 4

Love behind the Nuptial Knot - Episode 4
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The previous episode of this story is here, Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 3.

Needless to say, she almost mesmerized the guests by her stunning looks! She entered the hall with a tray of coffee cups and neared the guests.

Though she appeared quite casual, her mind was so disturbed. She tried so much to appear normal and thought “If only that phone call had’nt come!!! How nice it would have been!!!!”

Just an hour before their Arrival…

Abhi’s house was all getting busy for that evening. It was when Abhi was dressing herself, she heard the landline ringing in the hall. Since no one answered it for three rings, she guessed that no one were around and rushed to attend.

When she picked up the receiver,
“ Hello, is it Mr. Subramaniam’s House?”, a young man’s husky voice questioned her. Thinking that it was someone, she replied “Yes, Please hold on till I call him…”

On the other end : “hey wait wait ! is it Abhinaya speaking?”

Abhi:”Yes, May I know who is this?”

After remaining silent for a second, he said “I am Sridhar and I am the one who is going to visit you today!”

Hearing his words, she almost got freezed 🙂 The voice that was destined to fill her life with joy has reached her ears !!! her love for that unseen face bloomed in her heart.

Unable to give him any reply she stood still for a moment… ONLY FOR A MOMENT!

“hello , are you there on the line??” he called out…

Abhi: “uhh… ya yes!“ ( what else she could say ?)

Sridhar:”Listen I don’t have much time to speak. And don’t dream of anything! I am not interested in this wedding. Give any reason of your choice to your father and stop this at any cost.

But I request you don’t let our parents know that I am insisting you to do this!”

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This is more than enough to shatter the dreams of Abhi who stood perplexed, wondering what was happening. Her excitement was pathetically short-lived 🙁

Sridhar:”hey, Did you hear me? Say something… okay my mom is coming here. I will cut the call, don’t forget. Deny me at any cost and dont let this happen. I trust you”

Before she could keep the receiver down, tear fell down symbolizing her broken heart. She don’t know how she walked to her room.

Too many questions blocked her mind!

“How will I put the blame on me and face my father?”

“Won’t he suspect me of loving someone else ?”

“Within half an hour they will reach here, and I am not going to behave as they expect!!!”

“Besides all, the one whom I yearned to meet all these days drowned my faith!”

Seeing Saro nearing her with jasmine flowers in her hand, She turned back and wiped her tears……

Now …

She walked towards them giving coffee, one by one she gave and finally with batted breath she neared Sridhar dressed up so manly in sky blue shirt and dark pants.

The way he carried himself, his sharp mesmerizing eyes,trimmed mustache, smiling lips(without nicotine stains 🙂 )all disturbed her and suddenly her conscience shouted at her“

Hey Abhi, Don’t you have any self respect? He is the one who spoke with you so harshly. And Now, you are admiring him as if he has come here whole heartedly!”

Hurted inside, she gave him the coffee.

He must really be having a reason for his denial it seems. He just glanced at her for name sake. If he was really interested he would have surely been one among his family who were gazing at her!

As she walked back, she could clearly hear Pushpa aunty saying, “we are so pleased. Ask her opinion so that we will fix the marriage today itself”.

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Subramaniam went to her room and repeated pushpa’s words to his daughter. Seeing the happiness in her dear dad’s face, She couldn’t make up her mind!

Her love towards the man, who doesn’t even reciprocate didn’t allow her to think a lot. “Oh God! What do I do now?” her poor mind was confused.

“Don’t forget, you should not blame me to our parents”… his voice ringed in her ears! All this pressure was making her feel dizzy.

Tears were ready to fall down her cheeks the very next second.

After closing her eyes for a moment, she saw her dad and said “Dad, I ACCEPT” 🙂 … (to be continued)

The Next episode of this story is here, Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 5.

Love behind the Nuptial Knot - Episode 4

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