Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 6

Nup Epi 6
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The previous episode of this story is here, Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 5.

Dressed up simply but beautifully she came to their room. She found him with folded hands staring at her standing near the balcony.

A house beside the serene beach, the cool breeze from the nearby trees that touched her gently, the fragnance of pretty little flowers that lay on their bed all played their best to make that night feel special to them but the hearts which were meant to feel it, remained stiff as a rock!

With batted breadth, she neared him to the balcony. When she came near him he turned his face to the seashore and said,” You have succeeded, haven’t you? How much I requested you! You never heeded to it. Why did you chose me when you know that you are no longer going to have a happy married life?”

Wounded by his words, she replied in a low tone,” How could you expect me to break this? I am a girl and have certain restrictions. If you are so keen in this, you should have told to your parents!”

Turning towards her, he said with a stern voice” I came to you only because I was not in a position to say this in my house.”

After pausing for a minute, He looked at her and “Abhinaya, you have to accept this. I AM NOT THE ONE WHOM YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO MARRY!

I am their adopted son. Their son Deva and I were brought up by them from our childhood. They treated us equally in all ways and we both were sent to states for our higher studies. It was Deva to whom you were supposed to get married with. Unfortunately, three months before he met with an accident and died. Amma and Appa were so dejected and were inconsolable. Only when I came here for his final rights, Amma requested me to marry you.

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I was shocked and was pushed to a helpless state. She didn’t want you all to know of her Son’s sudden demise because that would bring a bad name for you. You would be identified as an unlucky girl.”

Listening to this Abhi was so moved. Its so nice that Puspha aunty emphathized her situation. Sridhar continued, “I couldn’t refuse their request since Amma liked you so much.

She looked at him and asked, ”So this is your problem! You dislike me just because this marriage was forced on you!”.

Sridhar nodded his head in disagreement and said, ”Its also one of the reason!”. When she gave a puzzled look he continued“ I had already made up mind to marry the girl whom I loved. I can’t sacrifice my desires and … I WON’T.”

With tears filled in her eyes, she could hardly see his face clearly. Her future, her marriage, her happiness all were sand houses built near the sea shore! Wiping her tears away she asked, “then? What is your decision?”

He turned his eyes away from her and looking somewhere, replied ”We are married. I can’t let my parents know that it has become a failure. But at the same time I can’t treat you as my wife, in any way!”

“This is not fair”, she said.

Sridhar, “That is my point too. If you had refused me initially, we both would have lived happily“

“How can I refuse you idiot! It was too late. As I had already started loving you so deeply”, she said to herself!……………….(to be continued)

The Next episode of this story is here, Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 7.

Nup Epi 6

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