Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 7

The previous episode of this story is here, Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 6.

“How can I refuse you idiot! It was too late as I had already started loving you so deeply”, she said to herself!

Displeased with her he walked towards their room and slept on the corner of the bed turning to the other side.

She don’t know long she was standing in the balcony alone and then she too went and lied down on the bed much away from him.

She thought “this is how ‘mouna ragam'(tamil movie by director Manirathnam) Mohan would have felt la 🙁 “. Girls who face this kind of problems will tend to despair and brood, however I won’t be one among them. I shall to fight my fate to win his love somehow” telling to herself she dozed off soon.

The sun peeped into their room the next morning and woke her up. What an awesome view it was. She could see the sunrise so near. It gave her a feel of freshness and she went to take bath. When she came back, she found her husband reading the morning news paper. She thought that he would wake up little late and she will have more time to prepare the coffee. She quickly went inside the kitchen and hurriedly prepared coffee for him. When she gave it to him, he looked at her and said“ I saw you running towards kitchen after seeing me awake! Am I going to eat you up if you delay?”

Abhi : “errr… No I thought you would get up late that’s why…”

Sridhar: ”No, I always wake up early since my job doesn’t permit me to be lazy! Got to tell you. We are leaving this morning to Coimbatore. Your things are already sent there so nothing much to pack up, I guess. Get ready by ten!”

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Abhi: “okay”. thinking to herself “you could have sent me yesterday itself along with your parents! I wonder what is the use of me, staying back! 🙁 ”

They reached the big house (must say it a “palace”) by noon and both were warmly welcomed inside. Pushpa and Sekaran, true to their word were very affectionate towards Abhi and treated more than a daughter.

Days rolled on and Abhi liked everything in their house. The garden became her favourite and she loved spending her time in mending it. The house saw many changes on her arrival. Being a girl passionate towards interior designing and gardening, Abhi made everyone spellbound by her interests. Everyone became very fond of her and her face glowed of immense joy.

Sridhar was too busy in his business. He managed both constuctions company and tiles factory in which he was very successful. It was initially taken care by Sekaran till he was advised to take bed rest.

One day when Sridhar was having his breakfast, Sekaran said “Sri, I find you too tensed these days. Am I thrusting you with all my work load da?”

Sridhar: “No, Dad. Not really. I have to handle all confidential things and have to check the daily accounts in home. That’s why its little hectic!”

Sekaran: ”Why don’t you let Abhi do it for you at home daily? She is good in accounts and can make your work much easier”

Abhi who had come there to give Sekaran his tablets looked at Sridhar waiting for his reply.

Sridhar: “Dad, she is too young to handle them. Moreover that’s too confidential.” Before he could complete,

Sekaran: “What are you blabbering? Whom else you could trust more than your wife?”

Thinking for a while, Sridhar said “If she is comfortable with it, I have no problem!”

Smiling at him, Sekaran said, ”then Sri, this year we have to implement something new in our business to sustain the competitions. Since we already have tiles with fruits vegetable design for kitchen and so why don’t we try tiles with carpet design for living rooms and hotels?”

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Sridhar “Dad, that sounds good! I will work upon it”, saying so he left the room.

Abhi smiled at her father-in-law and thanked him.

From that day, She sincerely took up the responsibility and Sridhar was relieved. He found more time to rest and relax at home.

One day he turned late at night due to heavy rain and traffic.

When he entered his room he found Abhi cuddled up in the couch that was in their living room. Pushpa came down on seeing him and said ”Come Sri, why so late? We called to your office and they told you had left already!”

Sridahar: “traffic ma, Heavy rain also, my mobile got switched off or else I would have informed and why is she sleeping here?”

Puspa, on looking at her: “she tried to your mobile so many times and worriedly she was waiting here. Poor thing, I asked her to go and sleep but she refused.”

Even Sridhar felt sorry for her, and felt guilty for not informing about his late arrival.

When pushpa went to wake her up, Sridhar stopped her.

“Don’t wake her up ma, I will take her”, Saying so he gently carried her in his arms and went towards their room. Pushpa watched with a smile on her face and went inside.

The moment he lifted her, Abhi woke up but she she didn’t let him know that 🙂 (to be continued ) 🙂

The next episode of this story is here, Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 8.

Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 7

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