Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 8

Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 8
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The moment he lifted her, Abhi woke up but she didn’t let him know that 🙂

When he reached their room he placed her on the bed and went to take bath. Abhi who woke up from her sleep smiled to herself.

The next morning when she was serving his breakfast to him, He asked her “how are you spending your time at home Abhi? Do you feel bored?“

“At least he finds some time to care for me“ thinking so she replied, “Not so. I engage myself in cooking and gardening and also at times I use to do pencil sketching”.

With a surprised look on his face “Really, I have never seen your works. Shall I ?”

With a kind of little shyness, she took him to the room where she spends her leisure time. It had sketches that could amaze anyone who loved art. Birds, Monuments, babies and floral arts filled the room. As he was admiring them, his eyes got hold of a picture that seemed to be her masterpiece.

Holding it in his hands he looked at her with an expression that she couldn’t make out!

It was a like portrait of Sridhar himself, with a gracious smile!

“How! you drew so well? Your work seems to be so professional! How is it. You even don’t have a photo of me in this posture!”

With a warm smile on her face, Abhi said, “I don’t need one!” 🙂

There was a moment of silence in that room and he moved close to her and said, ”Abhi, I didn’t expect you to behave so gently in return of my rude behavior to you! What makes you be so patient and considerate towards me?”

Abhi looking into his eyes, “when you have your freedom to love a girl even after your marriage with me why shouldn’t I, your wife Love you all through my life?”

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Sridhar felt so guilty and left the room in haste. Rays of hope dawned in Abhi’s heart as she too left the room after keeping the portrait in place.

Months went on and slowly but steadily Abhi was making a place for her in his heart.

One fine day, Sridhar and his family were invited to his friend’s wedding and they all attended it.

It was more like a friend’s get-together and they all came to know each other’s family. Sridhar’s friend Vinod, his wife Sudha came with their baby girl Sruthi. Sridhar introduced them to Abhi who easily became friends with Sudha.

Sruthi who was a cute child became attached to Abhi and she loved holding her throughout the ceremony. Both Sridhar and Pushpa didn’t fail to see this.

On their way back to home, Abhi was cheerfully telling about the naughty pranks of Sruthi.

When they reached their home, Sridhar went to freshen up. Pushpa who was coming back called Abhi.

She went near her and pushpa said ”Abhi, it was so nice to see you with a baby today but we too wish to have a grandchild of our own. Though we are happy outside, we really miss our son Deva a lot! We will try to come out of that sorrow by seeing our grandchild’s face. I think you both have postponed this for some reason but we wish to pamper our grandchild before our last breath! Hope you understand dear!”

Saying so, she went away leaving Abhi behind who stood still.

When she reached her room she could no longer control her tears and weeped a lot.

Sridhar, unaware of this: ”Abhi, what ma, why are you crying like this”?

Abhi: “What can I do? When I see, Girls of my age being happily married and leading a contented life with children, what else can I do rather than weeping alone? Whom should I blame upon? I loved you all these days with a hope that you will reciprocate at some stage, only to be deceived! If you are so stubborn, please go ahead and marry the girl of your choice and put the blame on me. What can I reply to your mother who believes that we are leading a happy married life! We are cheating on them and I really don’t know how to prove my love to you… before she could complete it, she found herself in the warm hug of her dear husband. 🙂 (…To be continued) 🙂

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Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 8

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