Love behind the Nuptial Knot – Episode 9

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…we are cheating them and I really don’t know how to prove my love to you… before she could complete, she found herself in the warm hug of her dear husband. She felt like all her miseries were disappearing into thin air and buried her face into his chest.

He patted her with consoling strokes and told her, ”Abhi ,Don’t see me as a heartless brute. I do have compassion and concern towards you. I am not the same Sridhar who was unwillingly bonded to you months ago. Do give me some time to get back to you.“ saying this to her he looked deep into her eyes and moved from that place. Wiping her tears away, she felt some sunshine in her gloomy heart. Sridhar by time was standing in the garden gazing at the flowers that had bloomed with beauty and fragnance filling the air. As he touched his shirt, he felt the dampness of her tears on his chest. With heavy heart, he realised “the one who gave life to this garden and made them bloom is now withering. All because of ME!“.

Few days later, Sridhar was invited for a conference in New York which was for a couple of days. When he got the news, he asked her to pack his things for the trip. He came home to collect them and just then Abhi’s father Subramaniam visited them. While all were talking together that dusky evening, Subramanian found time to have word with Sridhar personally. “Son! I have not interfered in your family issues for all these days but now I feel I have to”. Sridhar, could’nt help himself from seeing Abhi who was busy taking the coffee cups from the living room.
Subramaniam noted this and immediately told, “no no don’t suspect my daughter. She don’t know that I am raising this to you. In this seven months, on her visits to home, she never stayed long there. With one reason or other she came back soon. Unable to be away from you for long! Even during her stay, she worry about how you would manage without her. I was both surprized and pleased to see my daughter who was so attached to me know made her life well in her new home!”.

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On listening to him, Sridhar felt happy, looking down he smiled. Subramaniam : “But…” Sridhar, with a puzzled expression on his face, waited for he was about to say. Subramaniam: “On her last visit, I found her weeping alone before her mother’s picture! I have never seen her crying to her mom. She would always discuss her problems with me. But this time, Her act had made me feel that she was in distress that could’nt even be shared with me, her father. I trust that you would find out what it is as she would surely open up her mind with you!” Saying so, with tears peeping out of his wrinkled eyes, he took Sridhar’s hands in his and holded it “I have no one else, other than Abhi. Sridhar! Take good care of her!”.

It was a moment when his consciousness hurted him so much. “I am cause of her stress and distress and her father believes that I would solve it! She has been a very good wife for me and didn’t even disclose her problem with her own dad and I, who is supposed to be concerned about her is being trusted by everyone to be a good husband!” With a Assuring glance at him, Sridhar bid him goodbye and returned to his room and texted in his mobile, “Priya, I am coming to see you tomorrow!“ …….(to be continued ) 🙂

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