Luxurious Gift Ideas for Diwali – New Packaging Trends

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Diwali fun and celebration are in the air. Diwali brings a lot of happiness to friends and family, meeting card parties, sharing happiness and making memories. Amidst all the happiness, a disturbance that can create obstacles is choosing the right Diwali gift for your loved ones.

Personalized Food Hampers:

Food hampers are the ultimate pleasure. You can customize the barrier or basket according to the person’s choice. Make a special coffee barrier with different types of coffee, cookies, chocolate, and a mug. You can also use product boxes wholesale for Food Hampers.

Gift card:

Nothing beats the joy of choosing your gift. Gift cards give this freedom to the person. You can get a gift card for a particular brand like gift shop for shoppers to stop, the body shop or online shopping. If you and your best friend or favorite cousin are not going for Diwali together, you can send an email gift card and spread happiness.

Beauty hampers:

Beauty hampers make perfect Diwali gift. Many of the leading beauty brands have their own gift pack so that you can easily pick one up. Or you can customize the products according to the person’s choice.


Is close enough? Well, we meant to give dried fruits with a twist. Turn DIY ideas. A beautifully decorated box, to go with a handmade Diwali card, and a great difference in beautiful DIY packaging ideas.

To light up:

Have a love reading with Kindle at a new level. This creates an ideal gift for your beloved family member or the bestie. This Diwali gift giving idea will help eliminate those boring and cliché gifts.

Diwali Goods:

What could be better than Diwali gifts in Diwali? You can create a gift set of a birdcage with hand painted Diya, Diwali lanterns, and fairy lights. Buy Diya and paint them yourself. Or you can buy DGA from non-governmental organizations and they can get the happiness of Diwali. This will surely make someone happy with Diwali.

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Electronics is the choice of giving a good gift. You can choose an air freer for your health-conscious friend, hairstylist, or a hand blender for your food uncle. Electronic gifts like a hand-held massage or electric blanket will be ideal for your grandparents.

Crystal item:

During Diwali, crystal objects are considered an auspicious gift. But instead of giving those boring objects, think outside the box. Fill the vase with flavor or flowers, and the bowls can be filled with dried fruits or handmade chocolates. You may also consider giving gifts to an old crystal tea set or dinner set.

Wine bottle:

A bottle of wine is an option that always helps. A classy and chic, an excellent bottle of wine, or a wine hurdle, give a new twist to the celebration stretch. Add a personalized Diwali message, and use creative DIY methods to wrap it, and see how wonderful a simple bottle will be. You can give it a bunch of flowers or chocolate and it will always be a hit.

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