Maari Review



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Commercial movies for decades revolved ‘Good vs Bad’ pattern. The protagonist is an epitome of hard work, justice, sacrifice,care etc. whereas the antagonist is his opposite cruel,dark etc. Finally good overcomes evil and justice prevails.  Mgr’s ‘Engal Vettu Pillai’, Rajinikanth’s ‘Baasha’, Kamalhassan’s ‘Sagalakala Vallavan’, Vijay’s ‘Thupakki’ , Ajith’s ‘Veeram’, Dhanush’s ‘Velai Illa Pattathari’, Surya’s ‘Singam’, Vikram’s ‘Saamy’ are classical examples which tasted big success.

Few movies like ‘Mankatha’, ‘Billa'(both starring Ajith), Soodhu Kaavum, Sathuranga Vettai revolved around bad guys succeeding/glorified . Maari falls into this zone.




In one line “bad vs worse” and in the end who prevails. Maari(Dhanush) is a local don controlling a part of North Chennai(Triplicane to be precise given the locations used). His upcoming from a normal person to don is known via constable narrating to the Inspector(Vijay Yesudas) who wants to eliminate rowdism. Meanwhile we come to know of character ‘Bird Ravi’ who is hellbent on driving Maari out of the area and controlling it. In between we go through a romantic angle between Maari and Sridevi(Kajal Agarwal). Will the inspector eliminate rowdism, will ravi gets to control the area forms the rest of the story.



Dhanush’s screen presence alone carries the movie. His reactions,  body language(mainly ‘Senjiruaven’) make up for the lack of physical appearance as Don. The transition from an actor to mass hero starting from ‘Velai Illa Pattathari’ is gearing up speed in ‘Maari’. Kajal agarwal has nothing much to do expect to look colorful and silly. Robo Shankar deserves a special mention, his one liners and unique body language is one of major highlight. Vijay Yesudas is fine as antagonist but do’sent stand a match to Dhanush. The guy who played ‘Adithangi’ deserves mention too.

Balaji Mohan has moved from his usual template doing a masala flick and has fairly succeeded but could have worked on the wafer thin storyline. Aniruth gets higher day by day. ‘Thara Local Mass’ and ‘Don Don’ are sure chartbusters. The bgm too has been excellent. The cinematography, artwork were good given the scope of the story.




Masala popcorn timepass. One time flick. Watch for Dhanush.