Machine Vs Robot – Which is Man’s New Friend to Ease Their Job

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A lot has been done about AI, Robot, Chatbot and so on and I accept that I cover this topic. I also talk about this topic – and I think this technique is an exciting time. But I am tired of the promotion of artificial intelligence. When we talk to robots, AI and nothing that really wants to serve.

A robot can’t look you in the eye:

The machines will not destroy humans until we remember that the machines are in service to mankind. Last night I was watching the movie “Hidden Figures” – In the film, the actor who plays the corridor, John Glenn has said about the IBM mainframe, who shot potentially incorrect trajectory information for his landing. You cannot believe what you cannot see. “he is right. Will you trust a thing which cannot understand events, actions or vowels as humans? Machines are in our service. It should always be that way. When we loosen the technology without human intervention or more management – it is usually not good.

Consider the feelings of the other person:

If an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) program (a phone tree) can consider and interpret the feelings of the customers at the other end of the phone, then the robot can be shocked. Many people have thrown their phones on the ground, tired of IVR, who do not understand what they (the customer) are requesting. Or IVR does not offer the request to the customer. There is a gray area. As the customer increases frustration and anger, a person should be able to gauge it, earnestly apologize and offer some kind of proper service recovery. Service recovery means that I will give you x for your inconvenience. Robots cannot think about emotions – in fact, as a person can do.

Today millions of companies are organized automatic foil printing machine for awesome IVR experiences, keeping their customers unusable – never realize how many customers they lose overnight due to robots hearing.

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A person has seen or heard:

Sometimes working in customer service is like being psychological. When a customer contacts you with a problem, the problem is not always a product or service. Life can be messy and sometimes customers want to pay attention. By paying customers attention, the needy customers want you to be investing in relationships with those customers. It’s not always about selling anything. Whose client had the longest call in the call center for more than 10 hours? Zappos knows that the call center staff is not completely in the business of helping to buy shoes.

Feel sympathetic:

When someone else is by any means you have made, and you both can share the talk about it – there is nothing like that. Humans need this connection and are craving. We were created to share and connect this way. If a robot tells you, “I’m sorry about your problem, I can imagine that you should be very upset” – this does not make you feel better, is not it? Not at all, because the robot is not real. This is a robot. There is no soul.

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