Make a Skin-to-Skin Contact with your baby-Important, Benefits & more!

Baby care
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Baby care

We all know that newborn babies are very sensitive. New mothers feel somewhat difficult to take their babies in hand, as the skin of their babies is so soft and delicate. They think that taking the babies in hand could even hurt them. If you really think like that, you are mistaken. Actually, the mothers need to skin to skin contact with their newborn babies, so that babies will feel comfortable and secured. Mothers have to have their babies close to their breasts so that babies feel that they could enjoy the warmth and secure. A lot of babies that cry stops crying once their mothers do have them close to their breasts.

Importance of Skin to Skin Contact With Baby

The skin to skin contact of the baby will be referred to as kangaroo care. You all know that kangaroos care their young ones, as like that the mothers to have to take care of their babies, which is very important. The babies who receive close care from their mothers can get improved mental development. Especially, this kind of skin to skin contact will be helpful to babies who had been placed in incubators or who has the premature birth. The babies can have better brain function if mothers gave them close contact.

If you have any doubts with respect to taking care of your baby, you can visit the pediatric hospital in Chennai. If mother do skin to skin contact with their babies, the babies can get better weight. Yes, when mothers have their babies close to them, the babies get enough warmth and they do not need to use their energy to enjoy the warmth. Instead, the babies can use their energy to grow. If you really want to give these things to your baby, then you need to have skin to skin contact with your baby.

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Benefits of Skin to Skin Contact With Baby

There are so many benefits that both baby and mom can enjoy having skin to skin contact. The benefits are as follows,

  • These days, babies are feeling hesitated to drink the breast milk of mothers. The reason for this is that the mothers are not making skin to skin contact with their babies. The more you have skin to skin contact with your babies the easier for babies to drink your breast milk.
  • Not just it is easy to drink the breast milk, but as well the mothers can produce more breast milk by having skin to skin contact with their babies. If you need more milk to satisfy your babies, then you should have the skin to skin contact with your baby.
  • The stress levels and pains of babies will be lessened by having a skin to skin contact with them. The babies feel more secure if you have the chest to chest.
  • Babies can have better sleep if you have a skin to skin contact with them.

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