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With the wide diversity of options today for educational curricula, parents and students often have a hard time choosing which particular stream to pursue. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of advantages your child would experience from undertaking the IGCSE board. Here are four reasons why you should be looking into schools that offer the IGCSE syllabus.

Subject variety and flexibility: One of the primary benefits the IGCSE board offers in comparison to its counterparts, is the availability of subjects. With over seventy subjects, students are required to enroll in a minimum of five, with no restrictions on the combinations. Each subject is also designed to enhance and appreciate the student’s knowledge and culture.

Students are allowed to choose what fits their interests the most at an earlier stage. This further sharpens their skillets and guarantees higher scores.

Examinations beyond theory: The examination process is diverse and holistic. This ensures that students are not just tested on their memory, but also their ability to comprehend, analyze, and evaluate a specific subject.  Each subject is also divided into multiple papers to help assess a student’s performance more accurately and fairly. While a general marking scheme is set to an overall model answer, each unique response is graded objectively and in accordance with the approach taken by the student.

A Second Chance: Every student has the chance to retake an exam in any of the two cycles (May/June or Oct/Nov). If they were not satisfied with any one of their performances or grades, there are services available to them to either remark or request a copy of their answer papers.

Inclusive Classrooms: The IGCSE curriculum has adopted several procedures to make teaching and testing methods inclusive for differently-abled students. Measures are constantly taken and updated in order to allow a holistic learning environment for students with visual, hearing, and speech impairments, or cognitive disabilities.

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