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Well, it’s fantastic February and there is no doubt about it. Here is the India’s leading carmaker Maruti Suzuki rolled out its new hatchback design car, the Celerio Tour H2. This specialty of this car is that it is designed to compete with Tata Indica. One would be confused why Maruti is going to compete with an old model car, the reason is that the Celerio Tour H2 car is targeted for cab/taxi drivers in India. Check out more about the all new Maruti Suzuki Celerio below.

The Maruti Suzuki Celerio Tour H2 launched in India this February 2018, said to be a small hatchback design perfectly designed to help cab/taxi drivers. Considering the hectic traffic and air pollution happening across the country with more bikes and cars, governments have been testing various ideas to bring down the impact to the environment.

For faster commute, office going workers opting out for motorbikes but the continuous hike in petrol prices is also asking them to think otherwise. Ignoring the motorbike and opting for cabs and taxis like OLA, UBER have become the cost-effective option in India. This is a big market and Maruti Suzuki badly wanting to compete with Tata Indica and rushing to lead the taxi market. Vehicles like Xylo, Swift, Chevrolet are also competing to lead the same.



The new Celerio tour H2 small hatchback car is rolled out with a price tag of Rs. 4.23 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). This model of the car is said to be based on the LXI (O) variant and costs around Rs. 13500 more considering the special features.

The Celerio H2 will have an airbag at driver’s end where the car clocks the top speed of 82kmph. This is no surprise speed as there are speed-limitations set by government to vehicles and a specific limit to taxi as they carry a public on board. With the naked steel wheels, the car is a three-pot petrol engine and also got five-speed manual transmission.


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