Memorable Pics: ‘India vs Pakistan’ ICC WC T-20 2016 [Photos]

India Vs Pakistan - Memorable Pics
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Played at Eden Gardens on March 19, 2016, India beat Pakistan in the league stage of the ‘WC T-20 2016’ and maintained their unbeaten record against their arch-rivals in all the World cup encounters(T20, 50 overs). As of now India has played 11 matches against Pakistan and won all the eleven encounters.

The match on Saturday was no way short of excitement with possible cancellation of match due to rain, passionate Ind-Pak fans cheering, presence celebrities to witness the match, felicitation of Legends(Amitabh Bachan, Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag) and a magnificent innings by Virat Kohli leading India to a magnificent victory. Find the pics below the summing up whole events of Ind-Pak match.

Eden Gardens Covered on account of rain on Saturday afternoon

Eden Gardens covered - India vs Pakistan WC T-20

Legends Wasim Akram and Sunil Gavaskar greeting each other

Legends greet each other - India vs Pakistan WC T-20

Felicitation of legends

Felicitation of legends - India vs Pakistan WC T-20

Ayushmann Khurrana‘s Selfie with the God of Cricket

Selfie with the Sachin - India vs Pakistan WC T-20

Pakistan batting during Ind-Pak Match

Pakistan Batting - India vs Pakistan WC T-20

Hardik Pandya taking a stunning catch

Hardik Pandya's stunnnig catch - ndia vs Pakistan WC T-20

Suresh Raina celebrates Sharjeel’s dismissal

Suresh Raina celebrates - India vs Pakistan WC T-20

Indian Fans cheering

Indian Fans cbheering - India vs Pakistan WC T-20

Virat Kohli gesture on his 50

Viral Kohli's gesture - India vs Pakistan WC T-20

Kohli celebrates India’s victory

Kohli celebrates - India vs Pakistan WC T-20

Amitabh and Sachin celebrate Indian victory

Sachin and Amitabh celebrate - India vs Pakistan WC T-20

Real MS and Reel MS meet

Dhoni and Sushant Singh Rajput - India vs Pakistan WC T-20

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