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Well, the Frankfurt moto show is on the cards. Will be happening this Sept 12-13 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany. This is yet another grand international motor show and we can expect hundreds of new vehicles and concept car debuts, possibly some electric cards too. Mercedes-Benz something cooler to offer in this motor show, the concept EQ an electric car with mesmerizing elements show up already in a teaser released.

The concept electric car reveals a sporty-looking three-door hatchback body, all shiny around and blindly glittering. The car possesses a lovely view from the rear-end and stylish “Generation EQ” sticker would definitely give the rush auto fans were looking for. Company body display a smooth finishing, with enlarged tires which is well visible slightly may be an inch out of the car body.

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Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

Fantastic interior designs with cool display board behind the steering wheel and the seats looking like we are into a space ship of sort vehicle. Well, it may sound to you as over exaggeration but definitely this is a cool stuff as millions of auto fans around the world expecting cars of the future. This EQ car can will satisfy their expectations. With its digital displays and time machine style seating, steering, touch pads this is something we should be keeping an eye on the upcoming event.



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