Outlook and Skype

Microsoft replaces Hotmail by Outlook.com

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As you all know, Hotmail the legend of electronic mail service of Microsoft has changed the its name to Outlook having 324 Million users. Microsoft incorporates Hotmail with Outlook and launched Outlook.com here on Wednesday 1st August 2012, to take competition on Google’s best product Gmail. Not only change in name, so many features in one interface and also comes with lot of features which is going to make all type communications easy. This Microsoft product is going to get a remarkable name among every individual who uses this.

Outlook and Skype
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One of the best feature is we can get all chat and message of social network websites like Facebook and twitter, instantly in this Outlook email service. The new Outlook email service comes with unlimited storage. This web mail service is integrated with Skype video call; the most important thing is no needs to download the Skype application separately as we do now.

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We can able to edit our Excel, work, PowerPoint and Photos using Outlook and share it to our contacts and groups. We can create separate folders for newsletter, daily offer and social updates. So the mails will go to corresponding folders automatically. The newly updated Microsoft Outlook email servicers will play a vital role in this industry.

Chris Jones, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Windows Live services, said that Outlook.com is available to users in preview form from today. “It offers the first major improvement to cloud mail in eight years,” he said. “We think the time is right to re-imagine personal email, from the datacenter to the user experience.”

Microsoft said that “the Hotmail users can upgrade to Outlook.com and will get the new user experience but will continue to send/receive mail from their @hotmail.com address. Hotmail users that upgrade will use the same username/password to login; all their mail, contacts, and calendar items will still be available in the new user interface. Sometime in the future, we’ll upgrade all Hotmail users to the new Outlook.com user interface.”

Also, all Hotmail or Microsoft Live users can log into Outlook.com using their existing ids, for now Hotmail would continue to be available. Microsoft said.

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