Mission Impossible 5 – Rogue Nation Review

mi5 - rouge nation
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Saving the world, Death defying stunts, Cool Gadgets, Picturesque locations and of course Tom Cruise crosses our mind thinking about Mission Impossible series. Does “Rogue Nation” the fifth installment in the series released on 31 July 2015 keeps up to the expectations? The answer is yes, the movie stays true to its standard template, at the same time it does in a style of its own. Directed by Christopher McQuarrie of “Jack Reacher” fame, the movie has an ensemble cast of Tom Cruise, Jermey Renner, Simon Pegg, Alec Baldwin, Ving Rhames, Rebecca Ferguson and Sean Harris.


MI5 - Cast
MI5 – Cast


The movie starts with Ethan Hunt recovering hazardous nuclear product from terrorist group “SYNDICATE” from where the credits roll. Immediately we see the IMF has been infiltrated by SYNDICATE and its leader Solomon Lane(Sean Harris) capturing Hunt. Meanwhile CIA director Alan Hunley(Alec Baldwin) stresses the shutting down of IMF due its unorthodox manners in handling matters and consequently succeeds thereby placing a manhunt for Ethan.

At the same time Ethan escapes from his capture with help from former MI6 disavowed agent Ilsa(Rebecca Ferguson). Ethan unable to find any leads regarding the SYNDICATE, requests Benji’s(Simon Pegg) help. Benji arrives at Austria to attend an opera, after successfully foiling three attempts inside the opera, the pair are unable to stop the chancellor’s assassination done by a car bomb.


MI5 - Bike Poster
MI5 – Promotional Poster

Taking note of the incident, William Brandt(Jeremy Renner) enlists the help of Luther(Ving Rhames) to save Ethan from being captured. Ethan and Benji travel to Morocco retrieving a disk  believing contains the complete details of SYNDICATE. Enlisting the help of Ilsa, they retrieve the disk and is immediately double crossed by Ilsa who escapes with the details. The group along with William and Luther find out its the disk that could be only opened by Britain Prime Minister.

With Ilsa meeting the group at a hallway,  the SYNDICATE captures Benji  and informs Ethan they need the unlocked information in the disk. Ethan along with William and Hunley unlocks the disk and finds out the truth behind the SYNDICATE. In the ensuring fight, Ethan saves Benji and captures Lane. The movie ends with reinstatement of IMF.






  • The cast.  Tom Cruise – The movie belongs to him. Watch out in the stunt sequence, that man defies his age. Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner, Ving Rhames – Their conversations and one-liners. Rebacca Ferguson –  Her screen presence.
  • The CG’s have been excellent, movie looks like everything seems to be shot in real.
  • Pace of the story. With a little over 2 hours its goes at a breakneck speed.
  • Stunt sequence. The flight, underwater and bike sequence in particular.




Non-stop entertainment. My vote 4/5.

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