Monsoon’18 Said to Bring More Rainfall than Usual!

We can expect monsoon to bring higher-than-average rainfall in 2018. The El- Niño conditions have eased for this year. Pre-monsoon showers have been recorded in some parts of southern India. Rainfall can be expected to begin by the first or second week of Nov. Officials have claimed that rainfall should be above the 89cm average this year.

On that note, monsoon also brings mosquitoes and mosquitoes bring Dengue. We need to stay on high alert around these culprits. Watch out for mosquitoes that are black and white striped, they are the ones that carry the dengue causing virus. Around 80% of the people who are affected by this virus are asymptomatic. Only 5% have severe illness due to the mosquito. There have been 1,57,220 cases in India over the last year and reported 250 deaths due to the mosquito borne disease dengue.

Symptoms of the attack are high fever, joint pain, nausea and vomiting, headaches, dip in blood pressure, skin rashes in the palms and feet, etc. The illness if not serious if it does not last beyond a week. If it does, rush to the nearest hospital immediately. Watch out for rapid changes in temperature as well. Drop in blood pressure, blood platelet count and blood plasma leakage could prove to be fatal.

Make sure kids are always protected at these times. Also, ensure that your family have adequate Health Insurance coverage. Take extreme precautions in and around your homes to live a healthy life.

You can do your role in preventing the spread of dengue by-

1. Improving water storage plans
2. No stagnant water, in and around the house
3. Install proper waste disposal
4. Use mosquito repellents or mosquito net
5. Avoid wearing dark coloured clothing
6. Wear loose fitting clothes; cover yourself completely

Monsoon might provide relief from the heat of Indian summers, but we need to be weary of dengue. It could be life threatening if we don’t take due measures to prevent it.

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