Most Famous Cloud Apps for Everyday Living

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Cloud apps are software applications which are mostly accessible through an Internet browser or may have a specific desktop client app that connects to the server, whenever your devise can access the Internet.  These apps will provide access on-demand to advance or sophisticated software, information, as well as high-end server computer networks using cloud servers. To say simply, cloud apps are online services, which may be free, paid, or subscribed to, that hold or store data online like video, music, text and other files that we need for personal or business use and can be reached from any spot on Earth that has internet access. These services keep and store our files while we are away, save our data and files and synchronies them with our mobile devices or PC as soon as we login.

Social Media Sites

Cloud apps or Cloud applications are placed on virtual machines or cloud servers that we use once we go online. We are practically using these virtual machines in our everyday life without even knowing or noticing any difference. They help make our lives a bit easier, whether it is in our business promotion and marketing, school works and research or even when doing personal surfing.


Three of the most famous Cloud apps available online which we use for everyday living are:

Electronic Mailing or E-Mail

Email service providers like Yahoomail, GmailHotmail, and Windows Live Mail examples of cloud apps or virtual machine apps  that let us send, receive and store electronic messages. They also allow us to attach files in our messages which we can later access if needed. Millions and millions of people worldwide utilize emails every single day for personal and business purposes. As long as you can go online you will be able to access your emails wherever you are located or wherever you may need to go.

Social Networks

Another virtual machine type which is not quite aware of being Cloud apps is social networking sites. Some of these well-known sites include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace. These social networking sites allow us to share information with our buddies and also help us connect with new buddies from any part of the world. Facebook allows sending and receiving of images with attachments which can be stored for future use or reference. You can also upload videos and pictures without worrying about hosting since the social networks are the ones taking care of it for us.

Storage Purposes

Perhaps, one of the most famous virtual machines in this category is Mediafire. Mediafire is a free file hosting website which lets you store files in various formats online, so you will be able to access them anywhere. It also lets you collaborate with your teammates about certain files or documents needing revision and more. You can also utilize Mediafire for easy file sharing purposes. It makes sharing your videos or documents to your friends personally, through social networks, or embedding on your website a breeze. Mediafire is also secure as you can set passwords to files and hide documents from the public. Mediafire gives free accounts with up to 50 GB storage space and up to 1000 GB for premium (Paid service) professional and business accounts. No need to worry over crashing hard drives as Mediafire’s servers are secured and tough cloud servers. Mediafire now has Mediafire Express which allows you to easily store, share, collaborate, and back up your files directly from your desktop.


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