Most Popular Wedding Themes and Trendy Events of 2019

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Wedding bells are ringing and we all are in it somehow. It is either destination wedding or local, these days people do not believe in big crowds or formalities instead people have gone for “the fewer the better” so that they can enjoy their day with close ones. Every New Year brings lots of trends and ideas to juice up our lives with excitement, so does a wedding. All of us wanted to do a little differently to celebrate the Big day of life. While 2019 is wrapping up and left the glimmer of new wedding themes and trends for us to welcome in 2019. Nowadays wedding theme is the biggest epitome of the event, which accompanies every detail of the ceremony for a better conclusion. Here are some runners up for 2019 to help you with choosing the best one.

Stirring together

This might be a bit unusual in arrange marriages but it is one of the most popular trends among the people in long-term relationships who have mutual friends. Doing most of the ceremonies collectively, especially in the case of destination weddings is the best idea to save some bucks for you. For them Stag do and hen does are too passé, people are opting for Sten do these days combination of stag and hen do.

Heritage themed wedding

Think of heritage wedding the first idea will pop up into our mind is royal Rajasthan wedding in Jaipur or Udaipur. If you were tired of the same old themes there are some new entries in the market like, Mughal inspired, the lakhnavi theme is perfect for those who wanted to pour some richness of Muslim culture like nawaab’s on their wedding day. Decorate the venue with plenty of roses, chandeliers, glasses and lights, hand fans for sale. Go for dark-colored velvets instead of linen. Do not forget to add delicious local cuisines and the music of Lucknow.

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Season theme wedding

It is always big to win if we arrange accordingly seasons. A falling season is the best time of year for celebration in India. For winter-inspired wedding, choose a warm color scheme from decoration to attire like warm oranges, rusty and copper color props to get into the theme and inform near and dears about the color scheme. In addition, get yourself a bright red color wedding dress to stand out from the crowd. Make sure the wedding menu includes all finger-licking winter delicacies from kheer to hot chocolate brownie dessert instead of ice creams and other cold beverages.

Eco-friendly theme

Planning eco-friendly event is not only good for the environment by cutting off waste it is budget-friendly as well. First of all to go eco-friendly avoid paper invitations instead opt for e-invitations or Choose recycled paper. Try reusable or natural material for decorations like paper hand fans, glass bottles, real flowers, linen instead of paper napkins, and avoid plastic straws or cutlery. Moreover, choose a naturally beautiful venue that does not require too much effort.

Entertainment wedding

Energize the excitement by installing a photo booth to your venue with theme-based background and props, customize a filter on social media with hashtags. Let people help you to choose their best photos on the wedding album.

At last, this is your day and it should be all about you. Spend some time with a wedding planner and give them time to understand you better. Discuss with close friends and relatives so that they can be part of your theme, as they say, “more the merrier”.

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